Wordless Wednesday-Back to School



    It may be nerdy, but I’ve always loved getting my new books for a class. 🙂


    that’s cool! what are you taking up?


    me too! i went back a few months ago after having been out for 8 years. you def have a different take on it when you’re older than when you’re younger. what are you going to school for?

    Date Girl

    I’m taking a Networking Academy series from Cisco (total geek stuff). Basically work is paying for me to take this year long series, where I’ll learn all about networking, and at the end I’ll take a test and become a certified networking administrator. The hope is it will help me get a raise at my job, and hopefully a promotion!


    Wow Network Administrator! That’s great! Yeah I’m a dork to I always loved getting the books and new back to school stuff 🙂 hehe

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