Date Girl, will you…?

Bellhop: [To Mr. Sheffield] Can I have your last name, sir?
Fran: Good luck. I’ve been waiting five years for it. –The Nanny

So sometimes when we’re having a fun or silly moment at home, or on our walks, or even in the car, Match will get this look on his face, then say my full name and say, “Will you…” and then just start bust out laughing. Mean right?! But also kind of funny. So Sunday night we were enjoying our nightly ritual where we walk Monkey through the neighborhood after the sun goes down and it’s finally cool, and Match turns to me and does the “Will you” thing to me. This time he actually goes so far as kneeling! I punched him lightly on the arm and said, “That’s kind of cruel!” He grinned, but then got serious and said, “You know the reason I do that, is because in those moments I can picture proposing, and I know that you’re the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.” I kissed him and told him that was pretty romantic. He grinned and then said playfully, “Well yeah, it’s not going to happen right now, but just know that it’s on my mind.” So I guess those little will yous are Match’s way of warming up. 🙂 Or maybe he’s just trying to throw me off. I swear, when he does actually propose, I’ll probably just laugh and assume he’s joking!



    aw that was so incredibly sweet to read. you two are adorable.


    It’s like Jim and Pam in the old episodes of the Office!! He’ll say “Pam…” and then kneel and then say “Will you wait while I tie my shoe?” Hilarious.


    that’s so cute! the furthest I’ve got is The Boy saying ‘tonight would be a perfect night to propose’ and then didn’t do it!

    Bring Back Pluto

    Pretty sweet! You’re lucky.

    Hopefully he’ll come up with something totally new when he actually decides to pop the question.


    the BLAH BLAH BLAHger

    Precious! Love this story…and your site. From one single CA gal to another, hi from SITS!


    wow. so it’s possible for a guy to be sweet and emotional. haha. who knew?! i look forward to reading “i’m engaged” by date girl 😀

    Date Girl

    Thanks guys! Yes, he can be sweet and romantic, and other times a total kidder. He likes to razz me and make me make my “pouty face”. Phoebe-yes, I can’t wait for that post too!! Someday…


    It’s so sweet! OMG! It will happen at the right time. Goodluck girl! 🙂


    lol that is sweet and cruel all at the same time!! When he does do it you will probably think he is joking! 🙂 I can’t wait for that post!

    Brittany E.

    Now he just needs to go out and get one of those ring pops, that would be even funnier!


    Ha! Yep, this happened to me. He asked if I wanted a piece of gum, I put my hand out and it stuck a ring on.

    hi via SITS!

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