Being a Part of the Group

Bart: Dad can I have some wine? All the other kids are doing it! (Camera cuts to a French baby drinking from a bottle of wine)
Homer: Sorry son. You’re an American kid. You have to get your booze from an older creep hanging outside the liquor store. –The Simpsons

Friday night Match and I went over to Old Married Couple’s house a quiet dinner, that turned out to be one of the most fun times we’ve had with them. Between the four of us, we somehow managed to drink six and a half bottles of wine!

Over dinner, Old Married Hubby mentioned that Best Friend is coming to town in September, right before my birthday. For a minute I just sat there kind of stunned. Then Match said something I didn’t expect at all: “Great! I wanna meet him.” I looked at him like he was crazy, but he said told me that he really did want to meet him, especially since he’s such good friends with Old Married Couple, and Brazil and Beard Guy. So that will be interesting to say the least. I’m hoping they get along and Best Friend doesn’t start anything. He’s notorious for that!

We had great talks that night, as we sipped our wine (err, as Match guzzled his!). Old Married Wife opened up to me about Brazil, and how we both feel that ever since her baby’s birth announcements, she’s been so different. We both agreed that we never thought she’d be the uptight mother, but more the laid back bohemian type, like she was before. I guess motherhood changes everyone, but still, we both hope that she’ll come back around as her baby gets older. It was a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one who noticed the big personality shift in Brazil, and I felt a lot closer to OMW after talking.

We also talked about adoption, and OMC talked about how they’re leaning more towards that route when it’s their turn for kids. Match piped up that it’d be cool to have one baby of our own, and then adopt the second. I was once again pleasantly surprised by his comments. I’ve entertained the same ideas, and it’s nice to know Match and I are on the same page. It’d be pretty hard to adopt, but so worth it!

After dinner we all played Rock Band, and Match even gave it a go. I’ve never seen him so outgoing and silly. We had a blast! I really needed that night with Old Married Couple, to remind myself that I am a part of a group, and that I do have friends that have been in my life for years. Sometimes with all the upheaval that go on in my life, and the comings and goings of friends, I get down about my friendships, and I worry that I don’t have very many ties. But it’s just that a lot of us have grown up, and we don’t get together as much as we used to. It’s such a good feeling though, knowing that whenever there’s an event or get together, that we’ll always get that invite. There’s something so comforting about that.



    i. love. love. love. love. nights like those. they are so much fun! i’m glad that you all had a fabu time 🙂


    I second that! Glad you had a great night! It’s nice to just have quite nights with friends…. but after 6 bottles of wine I doubt it was that quite ;). lol now Best Friend….. is this an ex of some sort? OR just that best guy friend who thinks no one is good enough for you?

    Date Girl

    Best Friend…well, there’s about four years of tremulous history there! Click on the Best Friend tag on the left of the site for all the details. He was basically my best friend through college, who was my friend with benefits off and on for what seems like forever. He’s always been a threat to boyfriends in the past, but Match has nothing to worry about. BF is a great guy, but horrible at the boyfriend stuff. I do wonder what Match and BF will think of each other. Should be interesting!

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