Drama’s Breakup and Girl’s Night Out

Meredith: You should take something.
Cristina: Drugs are for babies.
Izzie: I hate Alex.
Cristina: And the non sequitur award goes to…
Izzie: I’m sorry, I hate Alex.
Meredith: I broke up with Derek.
Cristina: Burke wants to have a relationship.
Izzie: Boys are stupid.
Cristina: Yep.                                                                                                                    –Grey’s Anatomy

Drama Chick called me on Thursday afternoon bawling her eyes out. Turns out that B broke up with her, completely out of the blue. As much as I think they weren’t right for each other, it’s still super sad, and my heart broke for her.

Couple Wife organized a girl’s night out for Drama Chick to try to distract her and get her out of the house. So Saturday night, after spending the day hiking, I met up with Drama, Couple Wife, and later on Outdoor Girl came by. We went to a karaoke bar, which was actually kind of a fun. I hadn’t sang in months, so getting up in front of those lcd monitors and singing was a bit nerve wracking, but it was fun, and DC even seemed to be having a good time. As the night went on though, Drama Chick started getting sadder and sadder, and it didn’t help that she was getting trashed off blow job shots.

I definitely understand Drama’s sadness, breakups are so hard. At the same time, it’s hard for me to handle the constant crying and hysteria. Couple Wife and I had been talking before meeting up with DC, and we both were saying that we’re the type to grieve for the first day, but then to just distract ourselves, and move forward. We just deal with things differently than Drama. But true to her name she was dramatic to say the least. As we sat around rehashing the breakup, there were moments that were uncomfortable because she’d say things like, “he’s making a huge mistake” and it was so hard to say anything to that. Truth is, we all believe that B made the right choice, and that Drama was not the girl for him. Of course it’s way too soon to be telling that to DC though.

Hopefully as she starts to heal we can gently tell her that this is a life lesson, and hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes. She treated B pretty terribly, always yelling at him in public and whining, and making him pay for every single thing they did, even th ough she lived at home and doesn’t have any bills. I think part of it is her age, and her lack of maturity. And as much as it sucks, this breakup was a life experience that everyone goes through at least once in their life, and hopefully she’ll come out of it a better person.

As for me, I was overwhelmed by the girlie-ness of it all and I was relieved when I got to spend all day Sunday by myself. I needed that break from estrogen! Still, I plan on being there for Drama if she needs me because I know how bad the first few weeks of a breakup can be. I just hope she doesn’t drag this on for months. Knowing what I do about her personality, I wouldn’t be surprised…



    Oh my first Blow Job shot? Never heard of that one lol and yeah sounds like she is living up to her name!! Hopefully she will rebound before long and realize this was best for both of them. Breaking up sucks but sometimes it really is for the best!


    Break-ups are never easy. 🙁

    That’s why I’m glad I only had to go through 5 in my lifetime.

    Girl’s nights out are a great cure though! 🙂


    Yeah – break ups suck. Btw, love that you have a friend called “Drama chick” lol

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