Hiking With Outdoor Couple

Cindy: And be extra careful on those deep hiking trails.
Brenda: We will.
Cindy: And be sure to head back to the camp well before dark!
Brenda: We will.
Cindy: And make sure those boys stay on top of you…when you’re hiking, that is.                                                                              –Beverly Hills, 90210

As I’ve mentioned before, Match and I are slowly getting to know a new group of friends. Couple Friends are a part of the group, along with Drama Chick and B. They’re a fun bunch, and the group mostly consists of couples, which is nice for us. We hung out a lot with one of these couples on Prom Night. It turns out they love going hiking and doing outdoor stuff as much as we do, so I’ve nicknamed them Outdoor Couple.

We decided to go for a hike on Saturday morning. First of all huge points to them for getting up early on a Saturday. I already loved them for that. ThenOutdoor Guy and Match another bunch of points for making plans ahead of time. We have so many friends who fly by the seat of their pants, and my Virgo planning just can’t hang! So Outdoor Girl is awesome for getting the plans together, directions, the works. She was on top of it! We decided to go to Mt. Tamalpais, which is this beautiful mountain in Marin County. The guys got along great, immediately running into the woods to walk on fallen down trees like little kids.

Outdoor Girl and I walked ahead of the guys and got into a great conversation about weight and how to get in shape. She’s training for a half marathon, like I did last year. I was excited to share my insight, and also offered to be her running buddy if she ever wants. We talked about different fat burner reviews and she told me about a great book called Skinny Bitch. She let me borrow it when we got back from the hike, and it’s got some pretty good advice. Plus it’s funny to read, because it says things like, “get off your lazy ass and work out!” Ha!

Here are some pictures from the hike. It was a gorgeous day-not too hot, but sunny and warm. We had a great time visiting with Outdoor Couple and I hope to hang out with them again soon. We talked about planning camping trips, going to Couple Girl’s aunt’s lake house, and going for more hikes. These two are definitely our kind of people.

IMG_6171IMG_6172the guys play chickenIMG_6181IMG_6194



    So funny! I went hiking saturday as well 🙂 Very pretty pics! Glad you had a fun time 🙂


    Cool! I have always wanted to go hiking but still doesn’t have somebody to go with. 🙁


    Cool! I have always wanted to go hiking but still don’t have somebody to go with. 🙁 🙁

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