Prom Night Do Over

Finn: You’re a lot hotter than my last prom date.
Meredith: Is that a compliment?
Finn: Maybe.
Meredith: It feels like a compliment.
Finn: Then it is.
Meredith: Well keep it up and you might get lucky.
Finn: Well, now how lucky are we talking about here? Are we talking kind of lucky or are we talking really, seriously lucky? –Grey’s Anatomy

Couple Wife’s Birthday/Prom Do Over Party was so amazing. We danced, we laughed, there was even an old school dance off. The only difference between high school and Saturday’s prom was that we were all a little older, and there were legal drinks there.

Before the big event, I got my makeup done at the MAC counter with Couple Wife and Drama Chick. Drama was on her best behavior, and a lot of fun to be around. I felt slightly out of place at MAC because I never wear makeup, and don’t feel too comfortable in it. But the makeup artist was brilliant and managed to make me look great without me feeling too “done up”. She went for subtle classy.


After our makeovers, Couple Wife and I went to her house, where I had the privilege of getting ready with just her and her sister. I can’t tell you how cwchampagnemuch of a compliment that was, considering how popular CW is, and just how many friends she had at this shindig (there were about 45 people there!). And yet she just wanted me there for a low key pre-party. Match came over and got ready with Couple Hubby, and I had fun taking pictures of everyone getting dolled up. We surprised Couple Wife with a bottle of champagne and a card for a little pre-party bubbly.

As I was finishing up getting ready, Match pulled me aside to tell me he had IMG_6074something for me too. He got me a corsage, and even managed to match the ribbon to my dress, even though he’d only seen the dress in the bag once. It was so thou

ghtful, and I felt like it was really the prom.
Couple Wife and I turned out to be the only girls with corsages, which I thought was kind of cool.

IMG_6083We got to the party early since we drove the guest of honor, and so we were able to take all kinds of pictures while they set up the backdrop. Isn’t it perfect? We had fun pretending to yell at paparazi and ham it up for the imaginary photographers.


The room they rented out was perfect. It was the Cabana Room, and had this great open floorplan, that led out onto a patio with Tiki patio furniture and twinkle lights overlooking the duck pond. It was perfect!

IMG_6116I had a great time slow dancing with Match, fast dancing with friends, and mingling and getting to know the rest of Couple Friends’ group. Couple Hubby did a Michael Jackson impression, and Match even got up and dirty danced one song with me. He spent the rest of the night just quietly observing, but he left me free to do my social butterflying. I drank way too much champagne, but managed to keep it to a nice buzz and didn’t get full blown drunk. It couldn’t have been a better evening. As we crawled into bed at 2am, I whispered to Match that I can’t wait to have a big fancy party like that for my 30th birthday. He said he’d definitely be there to throw it for me. 🙂

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the Prom. I’m in the purple/bluish dress, and Couple Wife is in the black and red dress with the Prom Queen sash. Drama Chick is in the white and black dress. Couple Wife’s sister is wearing the teal and brown dress. Match had on a black tux, and Couple Hubby was rocking the Michael Jackson tux with the white coat. Oh, and Match wore a Lion’s head belt buckle. Rarrr!




    I wish I didn’t take my prom for granted. 🙁


    That sounds like so much fun, and such a good idea for a party!

    Coast Sister

    I’m so jealous. I totally wanted to crash that party. Looks like (and sounds like) you had an amazing time.


    What a fun idea!! You all looked great 🙂 And what a good idea I will have to keep it in mind for my 30th, which for the time being think I want to stay at 26 for a few more years 😉 lol


    Your dress stood out at the party! I like it. Glad you had a great party.


    I love your dress!

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