Feeling a Bit Cranky

Suzanne: Oh, for Pete’s sake. Every time you two get a little cranky, you start going on these man bashing jags, you know? “Men are the cause of all trouble in the world. Men invented high heels and cheap panty hose.” I bet you next thing you know, you’ll be accusing them of that whatchamacallit, that PMS envy.
Mary Jo: PMS envy? I swear, somebody from the Geraldo Rivera show ought to follow you around with a tape recorder. –Designing Women

Maybe it’s the slow economy and therefore boredom at work blues. Maybe it’s the hot weather, and the fact that I keep waking up sweaty and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s waking up after one of those nights with the HUGEST bags under my eyes. Anyone know what the best night cream is for removing bags and dark circles btw? Maybe it’s the no comment love from my lovely readers lately (hint, hint!).

Whatever the reason, I’ve been putting on my cranky pants this week. I have noticed that the days I don’t work out I’m a lot less happy than the days I do. Last night I didn’t get to work out, so maybe that’s why I bit the head off of some poor telemarketer just now. I’m hitting the gym tonight in hopes of some much needed mood lifting. I have nothing in particular that’s bothering me, but I feel quick to anger over little things. The guy that cuts me off in traffic, the coworker whose emails sound snarky to me, or my cousin who has rescheduled our date to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at least a dozen times. I finally just bought my tickets online and said we’re going Thursday, be there or don’t. See-bitchy!! What is my problem?

Do you guys ever feel that way? And no Aunt Flo is playing no part in this. Also, anyone out there have suggestions for blog posts, in addition to my diary entries? I’m happy for all comments, criticisms, praise, gifts, you know, whatever. 😉


    Brittany E.

    I have those days too, when everything makes you mad. On those days the way Adam sneezes just about sends me over the edge!


    Sorry I still love the blog! Just been super super busy!! Gesh don’t get cranky 😉 ~ Love the quote by the way. Yeah I think everybody goes thru these moods every now and then.

    PS you can tell I’m catching up I think I have already left you like 5 comments today lol

    Have a great weekend!


    I’m sorry I haven’t left a comment lately.
    I have some cranky days too, some say too often. I don’t care. When I am cranky I could just whine about everything and anything.

    You could blog about your dreams, happy memories or tell us things we don’t already know about you!
    I promise to come over more often!

    Date Girl

    Thanks ladies! I was just having a bad week I think. I’m feeling much more myself. Thanks for the support!

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