House Hunting on Hold

Phoebe: I’m not sure about buying a mattress from Janice’s ex-husband. It’s like cheating on Chandler.
Monica: Not at these prices!                                        –Friends

After a lot of frustration, a lot of disappointment with being outbid, and a lot of paperwork, we’ve decided to put the house hunting on hold. It’s disappointing, because of course we’ve been dreaming about owning our own place, having a backyard, ecetera. At the same time, I’d rather us save and be prepared than get in over our heads and be house broke for years. We’re still young and we’ve got a lot of time to be strapped down with bills right?

The market is so insane right now, and even though people say it’s a “buyer’s market” there are so many buyers out there that the prices aren’t as low as everyone says. If we can save up 20% down instead of battling with an FHA Loan, we might even try free online auctions and get a house for way under market, or we may go the traditional route. Also, not borrowing from Match’s mom would be nice. As generous as her offer was, I think I’d feel better if we did things on our own.

So while we’re still saving, I’ve decided to pay off one last credit card that was looming over me (yayyyy debt free besides my student loan, woot!). We also decided to get a new mattress and bed set. The only bed I’ve ever owned was a day bed, and now my very plain bed that is just on a bent metal frame. The mattress is also super old, I think it’s older than me!! I’ve always wanted a nice bed with a headboard, maybe some matching furniture. I’m also thinking this is a wise decision because once we do buy that house, we’re going to need a bed to put in it. 😉

Oh, and can I just say that testing out mattresses at the store in front of a salesman is about the most awkward thing I’ve ever done? Match and I went to a mattress store on Saturday, and the salesman sort of stood over us while we tried to get comfortable. The first thing he says is, “lie down how you’d normally sleep and see what’s comfortable”. Um, yes, I always sleep with a strange man staring at me. Finally he got the idea and walked away so we could relax a little bit. We decided on this really comfy mattress that I can’t wait to order. The only worry is that we’ll be so comfortable it will be even harder to get out of bed in the mornings!

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    Ok I just wrote you this really long and insightful comment (ok maybe not insightful) then hit post and poof it was gone!! So let me try this again….

    You had me crack up at mattress shopping! Vixen and I went last week. I am getting ready to move in with her and must purchase my 1st nonhandmedown bed. And the sales guy kinda creeped me out to! lol

    Sorry bout having to put the house hunting on hold. But it will all work out! Just be patient and keep your eyes open!

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