My Skin is Rebelling Against Me

Ashley: It’s not that simple. The problem is I have a…
Berg: You have a what? A plane to catch? A rash?
Ashley: No Berg, I have a boyfriend. –Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place

I’ve blogged about the evilness that is my sensitive skin before. After my half marathon, I developed a rash on my legs where I couldn’t wear clothes and basically had to stay home for a week wrapped in ice packs. It’s weird, my skin tans, and you wouldn’t know it just by looking at it, but my skin is the most sensitive thing in the world. If it were a person, it would cry at Hallmark commercials. I swear to you, if I even look at scented lotion I get hives. So I wasn’t too surprised two weeks ago when I got out of the shower and noticed little red bumps all over my stomach and chest.

By that evening, I looked like a red and white cheetah. The spots were all over my back and chest, and my skin felt like Braille to the touch. What was odd was the rash didn’t hurt (thank god!) it was just slightly uncomfortable.
cheetahspots1I went to the doctor (a very cute, Mcdreamy kind of doctor, who I did NOT want to show my ridiculously ugly spot covered chest to) and he confirmed that it was this Pityriasis Rosea, a skin disorder that doctors think is caused by a virus, so instead of getting a cold, people get rashes. Why couldn’t I just get a damn cold?  So the doctor cautioned that I shouldn’t get too warm, as that might actually make the rash itch and that I should refrain from exercise, but other than that, I have to just let it run its course and it should go away eventually.
I just want to mention that as you know, I live in California. Sunny, beautiful California. Where the weather has been in the 80s. How on earth am I supposed to keep from getting warm?? Not to mention I had just started back into a great gym routine, and now he’s saying don’t exercise. I think, ok, well how long can this thing last? A week? Maybe two? So ok, I’ll just go for walks.

But as the week went on, the rash just got worse, and indeed, when I got too warm, say stuck in traffic on the 101 in 90 degree heat, I definitely felt uncomfortable. I read online for any tips from others with this disorder, on how to make it go away faster. Turns out this thing usually lasts from 4-6 weeks.
If this were December, I wouldn’t mind so much. But it’s June! I can’t go out to the pool with this problem. I certainly couldn’t go on the camping trip Match and I had planned with B& Drama Chick. I was too embarrassed to tell her what was going on, so I just lied and said we had to housesit for Match’s parents. Truth be told, they will be out of town, so there is some truth to it.

So every day that this thing drags on, I’ve gotten more and more depressed. Match has been supportive, but he can’t help but be a little boy at times, and giggle and say, ewwww you’re yucky. Yes, my boyfriend is so mature. The good thing is this “Cheetah Infection” is not contagious, so I won’t give it to anyone. But does it really make me want to cuddle up to Match shirtless when my skin feels as rough as a sailor’s hands at sea? I don’t think so. Plus the lack of exercise was starting to get me really depressed. I started looking at phenphedrine reviews and wondering if I should start taking some diet pills to help slim me down. I’ve been battling my waistline, and under doctor’s orders not to work out, talk about frustrating. Match has been encouraging though, and we go on walks at night when the weather cools down so I don’t sweat, but still get at least a little bit of exercise.

In all my downtime I’ve had at work for the past week, I have been able to do more research. I found a forum where people with PR suggested limited sunbathing. It seems like a bad idea, since you get hot when you sunbath, but they said the sunlight exposure really helped. So this week I tried it, just for a few minutes a day, and they were right. It does seem to be helping, especially if I put ice packs on my skin after tanning, to cool off. Since I have no yard, I couldn’t sunbath outside. I do have a patio though, and when I open the door, sunlight streams into the living room. So I got the brilliant idea to lie down on my rug, topless, with the patio door open letting the sun stream in. I thought it was going quite well until last night, when Match came home and said, “Sweetie, you do realize that the neighbors across the street can see you right?” Lovely.

Well, at least Match’s parents are out of town this weekend, so I can sunbath in the privacy of their well enclosed backyard. Hopefully the spots will fade and I can get back to living life normally. All I can say to my dear readers is I hope this never happens to any of you!!



    I used to get candida skin spots on my arms…like a bacterial thing…and sunshine did help quite a lot. Just try and go out when it’s not too hot…also, if you can get to the sea, the salt water will help it too.


    Gah, I’m in California now and it’s so damn hot! I have skin asthma and I’m allergic to my own sweat so I totally get you ><

    Date Girl

    Skin asthma? That sounds so painful! 🙁
    Yes, I wish I could get to the sea, but our ocean here is frigid. Match’s parents’ pool has been incredible, especially the night swimming we’ve been doing. So much fun and so refreshing!


    Oh, my skin is the same way!

    Mismatched Pear

    Greetings from sweltering California! My girlfriend Jennifer and I have discovered your blog through BlogCatalog and have taken an interest in it. We have just started one of our own, and are interest in making contact. We’re looking for friends and other couples to talk and network with. Great posts, and we love your site!
    ~ Jason & Jen

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