Fighting the Work Boredom

Liz: [about Kenneth] Well, it was nice of you to let him keep his job.
Jack: The Italians have a saying, Lemon. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” And although they’ve never won a war or mass-produced a decent car, in this area they are correct. In five years we’ll all either be working for him… [Kenneth happily bikes away] or be dead by his hand.            –30 Rock

Things at work have been so SLOOOOOWWW. I have literally spent my entire week playing Scrabble on Facebook, and sadly, not much more. I can’t help but worry that I might lose my job, and be among the thousands of other techs out there, doing IT job searches and coming up with nothing.

My boss told me that Help Desk is always necessary, so I feel pretty secure in that. The downside is there is little chance that I will get promoted to a field technician anytime soon, at least not until the economy starts improving.

In the meantime, I’m trying to stay busy. I have been studying a little bit for my A+ certification. I’ve blogged more 😉 I guess some people wouldn’t complain about having nothing to do at work. But all I can do is sit here and think, I could be working at my side business, doing cleaning jobs during the day instead of night. Or, I could be working out at the gym, instead of sitting at this desk eating because I’m bored. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love the fact that I have so much free time to spend online. But usually I get at least a few calls during the day to make me feel like I’ve done something useful.

So all I’m saying is a little bit of busy work wouldn’t be half bad. Being busy makes the day go faster, and right now I’m watching the clock go backwards. Anyone else experience these bouts of boredom at work? Feel free to share your stories with me.



    I love the quotes you put before each post. Good idea!


    Where do you find those quotes?

    I know this bored at work. You think a hospital is always busy. Well, you are wrong.
    Around certain times during the year the work is little. Sometimes in really low times we only have two or three kids per unit. This is really boring, because you still need to be there 8 hours. But at least I feel useful to care for those little people.

    Brittany E.

    Adam is also studying for his A+ certification too, that thing is no joke! I’m not working enough to really get bored, but I get pretty bored sitting around the house. blah.


    Yes, I understand! I think we all go thru those patches. Like you I am thankful to have a job but on slow days I think of all the other stuff I could be doing if not at work.


    It sucks to be bored at work, but hey, at least you still have a job!!!

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