Wordless Wednesday-Gizmo, DC’s Baby Kitten



    We see you hiding there!


    I’m scared of cats..but your kitten is cuddler..:)

    Date Girl

    Thanks! It’s actually my friend Drama Chick’s cat, not mine. I think he’s pretty darn cute, and I’m not much of a cat person either. Kittens are a different story though. 🙂


    Cute! Great WW addition…:-)


    Cute kitty. A long time, with a guy I used to date, had 3 cats. They were hilarious to watch. They would take turns pouncing on one sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Right when the 2 were about to laid on the 3rd one, that one run away and the other 2 would bat at each others paws.

    I’m a dog person now. Thanks for visiting.


    Look at his whiskers!!!

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