He’s a Member of the Family

I’ve been thinking about you. We are links to eternity. Ahead of us, family yet to come, souls to be born; behind us, ancestors — ancestors who sacrificed. We are making those sacrifices to live the principle, to keep faith. Margie, you are a valued member of this family. We weren’t complete, not until you. You made us complete. I wasn’t complete until you, and our fine sons.        -Bill, Big Love

The last time I wrote about Match, we had a minor hiccup in our relationship. Thank you all for your comments, they meant a lot. You were all right-he was just sick and feeling blue. None of his comments were really directed at me. He’s proved in his actions since just how much he wants a future with me.

This past weekend Match and I went to Portland, OR to visit my family, and watch two of my cousins graduation from high school. It was a great weekend full of late night karaoke singing, beer pong, and general merriment. I had hoped they would love Match, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much!

img_5442We got to visit with most of my mom’s side of the family, with the exception of one uncle and his family that couldn’t make it. So it was my parents, my brother, his wife, and kids, my two aunts, one of my uncles, all of their kids (my cousins), and my grandparents. We are a loud, partying, very social group. I was slightly worried that Match would be overwhelmed by the chaos, but he fully embraced it.

At one point during the weekend, one of my uncles came up to me and said, “Look, I’m sorry, from now on you two are forever in my mind. I don’t think of one without the other. He’s a member of this family and we LOVE him. That’s it for you, this is the guy.” I watched as Match beamed and then kissed me, and wasn’t even slightly scared by the intensity of that comment. Another uncle told me that he was pretty sure my mom would disown me if I ever broke up with Match. Then he started laughing and him and my aunt said in unison, “and so would we!”

Older Bro, Match, and the kidsEveryone got along so well, and it was as if Match had always been my boyfriend. At one point my uncle started calling him my husband. Match even got along with my brother, who is notoriously sullen. Match had Older Bro smiling and laughing, and even doing shots and playing beer pong one night. At the end of the night he hugged us both and told Match how much he loved him. He has never ever said that to a boyfriend of mine before, and it was so nice to hear.

Match grinned at me all weekend and said he has never had so much fun in his life. He said he loved them more than his own family, and felt so welcome. I laughed because that’s exactly how his family makes me feel. My nephew and niece wouldn’t let go of him, and kept calling him Uncle and giving him hugs which melted my heart.

We had such a great weekend, and it was really hard for both of us to come home. I really wish we lived closer to family and could get together like that more often. I will say I missed my bed and getting eight hours of sleep! The first night we stayed up till 1 AM. The next night we were up till 4AM, and then the last night we were up til 2, and had to get up at 7:30 to catch our plane back. Yikes! It was well worth the lack of sleep, and I can’t wait till we all get together again. According to my family, it will be for our wedding, which they all say is right around the corner. I’m not exactly picking out joint life insurance quotes but I do think we’re on that path towards marriage, and it will just be a matter of img_5348time.

Match told me as we were flying home that he definitely wants kids with me, and he hopes they’re half as cute as my nephew and niece. He said he can’t wait to visit with my family again, and we talked about how much fun our wedding will be, just having them all there. So I don’t know when it will happen, but it is a great feeling to know that when it does, we have the loved ones in our lives’ blessings. 🙂



    😀 yay.


    This made me goose bumps. Girl, I am so happy for you. *nearly crying*
    Good to know that you head into the right direction.


    Yay!! That is great, glad that the two of you had such a good trip. And yeah got to love a few games of beer pong 🙂


    So glad everything worked out for you 🙂

    Coast Sister

    Ahhh!!!! So awesome. 🙂 It’s always wonderful to get that final note of acceptance. Just in time for the one year mark too. YAY! Wonderful.

    (I’m finally catching up on your blog….we’re both busy bees)

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