Weekend of BBQs


Lisa:: (reading) Come to Homer’s BBBQ – The extra B is for BYOBB.
Bart: What’s THAT extra B for?
Homer: That’s a typo.
The Simpsons


Last weekend our camping trip was canceled because DC was busy with graduation plans. It was all for the best since Memorial Weekend was sure to be way too crowded at the lake. Match and I made the best of his rare full weekend off, and spent the weekend outdoors bbqing and hanging with friends. I got a great tan, and we both enjoyed each other’s company.

On Saturday, we went for a hike with Old Married Couple. I was sore from a morning gym class, and the hike did me in. By that night I was hobbling around because my quads were so sore. Match called me waddles 🙂 We hung out with DC and B to celebrate her college graduation and ended up crashing a bbq of one of her classmates. The guests included a lot of the same people who were at B’s birthday party, and it was nice to be included in the group again. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out with that crowd more often and get to know everyone else.

img_5077Later that night DC invited us back to B’s, where the four of us played a really fun board game called Dirty Minds. The clues make it sound like it’s something perverted, when really it’s a normal thing. For example, “I licked all the other girls. I’m a queen. I do it in high heels.” The answer is Miss America. Funny right? Mix that game with champagne and we were all in giggle fits. 

Sunday Match and B worked on their cars and had a little man date, while DC and I took our dogs to the park. I was still super sore from the workout, so by the time we were done walking, I had to go home and nap. That night we went to DC’s house for another bbq, where there was beer pong. We ended up catching the late showing of Star Trek which B and I both loved, being big nerds. Match and DC weren’t as impressed, and just made fun of us. 
img_51051On Monday we went to the river, just the two of us this time. Last time we took Monkey to the river, he peed in my car, so we left him at home. Even though it was crowded, we managed to find a spot, on the banks of the river where there was no one else, at least most of the time. We had fun sunbathing and relaxing; I read while Match skipped rocks in the water. At one point, a canoe group came up, with about 20 obnoxious college kids. I’m pretty sure they were in a frat, because their conversation was possibly the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. The girls were all stick thin and ditzy too, with annoying laughs. Luckily they didn’t stay long and we got the river bank back to ourselves.

After we had enough sun we decided to go to Match’s parents house for another bbq. We lounged by the pool and threw the ball for the dog (refer to my SPT from Tuesday for more).

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