SPT-Something Blue

Robin: You stole a blue French horn for me.
Ted: I would’ve stolen you a whole orchestra.    -How I Met Your Mother

This past weekend our camping trip was canceled. But on a good note, we were able to enjoy a great weekend in the sun at home.

While lounging poolside with Match and his family I was able to find many things that are blue. During our “tour of the manor” as Match’s mom puts it, where we walk through the garden and look at how the flowers and vegetables are doing, Match decided to be a little boy and catch a lizard. Not just any lizard, a blue bellied lizard! He must have known I had an SPT to do eh? Isn’t it beautiful? img_51311

After our tour, we went back to sunbathing by the pool, which is a beautiful shade of light blue. It is also quite possibly my favorite place to hang out. Can’t wait to go back again next weekend!



    Coast Sister

    Seriously….so jealous of the pool. I am impressed with the fact that he caught that particular breed of lizard. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?? ha!


    Damn, now I wanna swim.

    Awww, the blue horn <3


    I’m super jealous of the pool. That sounds wonderful right about now! I hope the house hunt is going well!

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