So Much For Boredom

Meredith: Derek’s camping. Taking time. Getting space.
Cristina: Prestons do not go into the woods. A guy named Preston is gonna get his ass kicked by a squirrel.
Izzie: It’s basically a slumber party, they do it outside, we do it inside. It’s really the only difference.                      –Grey’s Anatomy

It’s funny-it seems like just a few weeks ago I was moping around the house whining to Match that we never seem to have plans with friends. We were both bored, and wishing we had more to do. Now it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and we just collapse at the end of the day exhausted. Our social and work calendars are overflowing, and all I can think is it must be summer. I love it though, every minute of the chaos. We are enjoying a lot more time with friends, and our side business is booming with summer move outs. We’re also super busy with house hunting after work, submitting offers, and crossing our fingers that we get the place we want.

This weekend instead of one invitation to hang out, we got more than we could handle. We got invited to an old coworker’s baby’s first birthday party, Drama Chick and B invited us camping, and some other friends wanted to know if we could go to their bbqs. Whew!

We opted for camping, because for one, it’s the most fun. And secondly, Match and I have never been on an official camping trip together. We spent that weekend in Santa Cruz in a tent, but we didn’t have a campfire, nor were there smores. There have to be smores for it to be real camping.

We’ve been spending more time with DC and B, and I have to say they’re a lot of fun. B’s birthday was last weekend, so we went over to his parents house for a birthday shindig for him. They had their big group of friends that have known each other for years, including Couple Friends. Match and I thought it might be awkward, since they all know each other and we only know two couples, but it was so easy. The group was a lot of fun, and DC was on her best behavior. I didn’t even notice any issues between her and Couple Wife.

This weekend I’m not sure who’s all coming on the camping trip, but I’m sure it’ll help introduce us further into their group. DC is bringing her dad’s boat, and we’re both bringing our dogs. Swimming, campfires, smores, and sleeping under the stars. I can’t wait!!



    Sounds like fun!

    I wanna go camping. I haven’t done that EVER. Hope you have a great time! 🙂


    I’m not much of a camping girl, but that sounds like fun!


    I don’t think I’ve ever gone camping! I would just be excited to be taking my dog along, I’m so dog whipped! lol Hope you have a blast.

    Coast Sister

    Hope that you’re having a wonderful time. I’m stuck at work all weekend…..SOOO…have fun for the both of us.


    Omg that sounds like sooo much fun! I’ve never been camping. But I’m sure it’s a blast!


    Hope you had fun! And yes camping is not camping without smores! lol 🙂

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