SPT-Something New

Chief: (seeing Sean and Mike play Scrabble) Look at this: A meeting of the minds and the minds are a no-show.
Tommy: (looking at the Scrabble board) Hmm. “Tag.” “Arm.” “It.” “Go.” That’s great guys.
Laura: Why even bother keepin’ score?
Mike: (placing tiles on the board) F-E-L-L. Read it and weep.
Sean: Oh, shit. How many points? (Sean and Mike just stare at each other, Mike takes a little time to figure it out)
Mike: Eight.                                                                                                    –Rescue Me

This week’s something new came from my sweet Coast Sister, who is always so thoughtful. For no reason at all, she sent me this adorable pendant. It’s a Scrabble tile on one side, and a picture of me and Match on the other.  Do you love how I took these pictures while driving? Eep. img00079img00080

I know Coast Sister is in a lot of my SPTs but it’s because even though she’s far away, she’s a big part of my life. I think one of the reasons our friendship has survivedthe distance and time apart is because of all the little things she does for me. Be it a friendly text, or something bigger, like her thoughtful gifts. Thank you so much for being my sister girl, I love you!!



    oh, she’s got you so fooled!!


    Coast Sister

    I love it!!! 🙂 I’m so glad that you love it too!

    And I loved this SPT. Always makin’ me tear up.

    I just LOVE YOU is all. It’s nice to know that there is someone in this world that understands me. That listens and does not judge me. That gives advice with my best interest at heart….even if I don’t want to hear it at the time. haha! Love ya sis.

    Coast Sister

    Oh Lelly….you’ve got all your blogger friends fooled. hehehe!!! I’m so kidding…. she’s just as nice and creative in person.


    what a cool gift


    I have a sister like that – she is always sending me fun stuff snail mail – one day I will return the thoughts.. until then I love getting them and she is my FAVORITE sister!!



    Doesn’t everybody take pictures while driving?!?


    love scrabble pendants. so cute. happy spt.


    How cute! Great Gift Coast Sister 🙂

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