Rude Manners and the Couples Dinner

Hey, you’re Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepard right? That’s a lot of names, a lot of rich sounding names. You’re rich, right? That’s rude. That’s a rude question. -Izzie, Grey’s Anatomy

Last night after a long day in the office I came home to find that Match had cleaned every surface of the apartment, had started a load of laundry, and was in the process of vacuuming the couch, the stairs, the floor, and even our area rugs. I can’t begin to tell you how unbelievable grateful I am for such a sweet and thoughtful boyfriend.

The reason for his cleaning frenzy, besides being amazing, was that we were hosting a dinner/game night for Gym Buddy (who I’ve renicknamed Drama Chick and her boyfriend,  who we’ll call B. Match knows that I love having a nice clean house when I play hostess, so he did it all for me so I could focus on dinner. The night was a lot of fun, which was a relief after the mini drama DC started earlier in the week.

It all started with a message I saw she posted on Couple Wife’s facebook, inviting Couple Friends over to my house for dinner along with them, without first checking with me. I was understandably pissed, because for one, I only had enough chicken for 4, and for two, I didn’t even have seating in our small apartment for 6. I talked to Couple Wife who agreed that it was incredibly rude and couldn’t believe she’d do that.

CW has never really stood up to DC’s rudeness, mostly because she respects the friendship her hubby has with B, and doesn’t want to ruin it. She’s told me that it kills her that she can’t just tell DC off. Me on the other hand, I’m not known to keep my mouth shut. I think a big part of why people are rude is because no one tells them that it’s not OK to act a certain way. How are they supposed to learn if no one tells them? So I politely told her next time she needs to check with the hostess before inviting people over for dinner. She apologized, and all was well. I’m not going to say she learned from that one time, but I like to think she did.

Match and I ended up having a blast playing Smartass with DC and B, and we’ll definitely do it again. I just have to keep in mind that DC is young, and a bit impolite. She snapped at B a lot during the evening, and I felt bad for him. Besides that though, everything was pleasant enough. I think with time she’ll grow up a bit. And if not, I have no problem putting her in her place! 😉



    Ugh, I would have been so upset. But I’m glad you had a good time anyway. My rule of thumb is whatever happens between me and my SO, I never disrespect my partner in public. Thats for behind closed doors! So Im always kind of shocked and uncomfortable when I see other couples do it.

    Date Girl

    I know, it was super awkward. She’d kind of bark at him and middle name him in front of both of us. I should nickname him No Backbone. The sad part is that he seems to really love her, and looked so wounded when she’d yell at him.

    Coast Sister

    DateGirl-First off LOVE the new nickname, DC. hahaha! Perfect.

    I’m glad that you were able to figure things out and CW was so understanding in the matter. She’s a true gem.

    DC just needs to learn proper manners.

    Also, so glad that you’re playing SmartAss. 🙂 hehe!


    oh you know, I think I would have called her out on it, I just can’t help it with things like that!


    I couldn’t help to comment, funny that you should mention your boyfriend cleaning. I work as a customer representative for Justarearugs and I had a lady call in looking for an exchange because her boyfriend spilled beer all over her new rug. She was furious!

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