SPT-Gift a Total Stranger

I didn’t post Tuesday for the SPT because I just didn’t get out and about around strangers. I saw Match and my coworkers so that was pretty much it. So today, I’m minding my own business, when I get a message from Coast Sister, asking if I can help out Lelly, the originator of the SPT, and also her boss. Now she’s not a complete stranger, but we’ve never spoken either through IM or in person. The most we’ve done is swap a few witty comments.
So it turns out that Lelly, who is the general manager of a Hampton Inns branch, had gotten herself a nasty spyware bug img00068-00000(probably from all that completely work related and in no way goofing off web surfing). Cue Date Girl aka IT Nerd to the rescue! I was able to get on her computer remotely (thank you technology!) and save the day.
It was fun to help out a stranger, and a good use of my IT nerd skills!

That picture says resolved, just in case you can’t see the text, and yes that’s my nubby little finger.


    Coast Sister

    YOU DID SAVE THE DAY!!!! LELLY WAS VERY HAPPY!!! So she could get back to facebookin….(cough cough) I mean WORK! hahah!

    mary rc

    now that is an awesome gift…


    what an awesome gift you have….you “IT nerd” you!
    i wish i had some of your skills….hunky husband is about to graduate with a CMIS degree…hope some of that stuff stuck and hes a IT nerd too! hehe


    yeah!!! i am so thankful that crystal was working that day, and that you were able to be such a HUGE help from across the country!!

    and… we STILL didn’t communicate directly 😉 how bizarre is that?!?

    Alisa Spear

    Woohoo- you saved the day. I think its so funny that you have not directly spoken with one another!


    Thats great!!! I know who to call next time I have problems 🙂


    I get the idea behind SPT (which I love btw) but what does SPT actually stand for?

    Coast Sister


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