Martinis and Acting Our Age

Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here? -Brian, Family Guy

Last night Match and I decided to act our age and hit the town. We went out with Gym Buddy and her boyfriend, who when I get to know better I’m sure I’ll come up with a clever nickname. We decided to go meet up downtown at the Irish bar that is far too clean and trendy to be a traditional Irish pub. But the bartenders are nice and GB and her man got us a table so we could do some people watching and I could enjoy a dirty martini.

It’s funny because Gym Buddy was a horrible gym partner (I decided to keep the nickname for irony) but she’s been a great going out friend. Match and her img_4802boyfriend hit it off really well. We’d hung out with them as couples once before at Couple Friends house, but with just the four of us it was easier to get to know them. Match looked adorable in his “old man’s cap” I like to call it. Is that not the cutest thing? Can you tell what it is? It’s one of those paper boy style caps. I think it really suits him, and it covered up his hair, which he tried to gel, and despite my reassurance that it looked fine, he thought he looked a tool.

img_4796Speaking of having a hard time getting ready, it took me forever to try to clumsily apply makeup, and attempt (in vain) to curl my hair. My stupid straight as a board tresses would not be curled. I decided I just don’t have the patience for being girly, so eventually I gave up. But I still think we cleaned up rather nice. Plus all that time on the elliptical and taking those classes has been paying off, because I was able to wear this cute little black top that I bought but didn’t really fit into until now. My arms are getting toned, but I’m still working on my tummy. Luckily this top is the kind that conceals it, yay for fashion geniuses! Oh, and yes, I rocked an incredibly padded pushup bra, just for grins. img_47941

Before going out, I went for a walk with Couple Wife and baby. We had a nice little visit and got in some exercise. I was pretty tired from cleaning a unit all morning for my company I started with Match (more on that in another post). Anyways, we had ourselves some girl talk, and I filled her in on my past issue with Match. She shared some of her troubles she had in the past with Couple Hubby, so it made me feel better that I wasn’t alone. Men are just little boys sometimes, and forget about priorities. Where would they be without us??

I mentioned to CW that Match and I were going to go out with GB and her man, and she warned me that she can be pretty competitive and bratty when she’s out. I felt kind of bad, because she got into a little bit of a GB bashing session, but then she did apologize. In no way is CW a bad person, she’s had to put up with a lot with GB, and she just needed to vent, but at the same time, I’m trying not to get a skewed image of GB. I know that because of GB’s history with Couple Hubby, CW and Gym Buddy will always have a funky relationship. Luckily GB and I don’t have that problem, so I think we’ll be able to have more fun together.

Sure enough, the four of us had a blast. I drank way too much (2 dirty vodka martinis, extra olives) and a cider ale and I was snockered. I am such a light weight! I only managed to spill one martini, and luckily not the whole thing. I requested a regular glass for martini #2 (the bartender suppressed a laugh when I told him I needed a sippy cup for klutzy ol’ me).

There were moments with GB where I could see her struggling for the attention of the table, or where she’d have to top my story with one of her own, but I think she quickly realized I wasn’t a threat, and calmed down and relaxed. We laughed, people watched, and exchanged movie lists on our smartphones. I know this sounds incredibly nerdy, but hey, I’m a nerd. The guys had just as much fun, talking easily and Match looked comfortable as could be (hot too, I kept playing footsie with him under the table).

At one point in the night, I ran into a sort of ex, that I dated briefly for 3 months back in 06. I nicknamed him Pot Guy because he was literally high the entire time I knew him. Such a boring guy, and complete loser. Still, he was super nice, and I run into him often, and he always makes it a point to say hello. The only awkward moment was when I whispered who he was to Match after Pot Guy left, and Match was like, “Did you sleep with him?” I looked at Gym Buddy and winked and said, “I don’t know, does it count if you can’t feel it?” To which GB burst out laughing, and Match sort of looked grossed out. Haha! I then explained that one time we attempted an awkward sexual encounter that didn’t end well, and therefore he doesn’t count on my list. It was a bit TMI but at least Gym Buddy was entertained.

When we got home, Match and I were giggling like crazy and fell asleep happy. It was fun to act our age for a night, and to have fun with new friends. While I don’t think GB and I will ever be super close, girls that can share anything with each other, I do think we’ll be pals. Match told me that he really sees himself becoming good friends with GB’s boyfriend, which makes me happy. He doesn’t have enough guy friends, and GB’s Beau is a good quality guy, who isn’t a man whore or brotard. It’s too bad that GB can’t be the carefree, secure girl she seemed to be last night, all the time. Maybe the more we hang out, the more she will realize that her girlfriends aren’t a threat, and she has nothing to feel insecure about.

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