SPT-Gift a Neighbor, Teacher, or Co-worker

Roseanne: [after Dan comes back from “fixing” Crystal’s thermostat] You just replaced the thermostat!
Dan: I know, but it’s still either too hot or too cold.
Roseanne: That’s because she’s eight months pregnant and she keeps having hot and cold flashes.
Dan: I suggested that, but then she assured me that wasn’t the case. Then she kicked me.
Jackie: No!
Dan: Yeah. Then she started cryin’ and there was no way I could kick her back. –Roseanne

This one was harder for me, since I don’t have that many coworkers that I deal with on a daily basis. I do have an administrative professional that sits near me, an older woman who doesn’t really like her job that much. I know we’re supposed to do SPTs on Tuesdays, but I thought since today (Weds) is Administrative Professionals Day that it would be fitting to do my SPT today.

Today I sent my coworker a silly ecard.


But the biggest “gift” of all, was to turn down the thermostat. I hate air conditioning, and would much rather have fans or a natural breeze to cool me. Plus my coworker likes the office to be frozen. But, since today is her day, I went for a compromise, and turned down the heat by a few degrees.




    that is funny because we play what i like to call “thermostat wars” at work. i am a night shift nurse, so there are a few girls that get cold and turn the thermostat up to 85…then it starts getting HOT and the “older” ladies (the ones that blame thier hotness on “the change”) will turn the thermostat down to 55…and then it gets cold, and the war continues. i like to try to keep it at 70 (when ever i walk by thats where i put it)…a nice in the middle that everyone will be comfortable at…it doesnt always work! ugg!


    crystal was just telling me about this! TOO FUNNY!!!

    the ecard was a sweet (free) idea, too.


    this is too funny…….when my husband is in the dog house he’ll turn the air down for me ’cause I love it cold!

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