Scavenger Hunt-Photo Style

Pacey: How do I look?
Joey: Like a before picture in an ad for geek remover. –Dawson’s Creek

I stole this from Miss Brittany, because it was just too cute. Basically, find pictures that you already have online, and use them to answer the questions below. Like Britt, I have tons of Facebook pictures all over the internet, so I might as well utilize them. So enjoy this little online photo  scavenger hunt:I’m going to have to get creative here, since I can’t use my face, so we’ll see how this turns out.

1. A Picture of You in Your Room.

[I know I’m not in it, but I just don’t have any pictures of me in my room. What do you want, me posing on the bed? Cheeky monkeys! ]



2. A Picture of You Feeling Energetic. 

[This is me getting stifled by my buddy after a long day of Sloshball. I guess I was a little too energetic.]


3. A Picture of You on a Birthday.

[This was taken the night of my 22nd birthday, with my guy roommates. Besides Match, these two were the best roommates I ever had. This was also the infamous night that I tripped and fell on nothing, and told everyone I tripped over a bush. Also ended up in roommate’s closet claiming I was looking for the bathroom. Inebriated much?]


4.The Youngest Picture of Yourself You Can Find in Digital Form.

[I actually scanned this a few months ago, it’s me when I think I was about 2ish, sporting my Dad’s work boots. I figure for this one I could show my face, since I look nothing like this anymore. And yes, I’m rocking the hot pink pants. ]


5. A Picture of You in One of Your Favorite Outfits.


[I know I talk all the time about how not girlie I am. But I have discovered that dresses can be super comfortable, so you’ll be surprised to know that this little black dress is one of my favorite outfits. Besides being comfortable, Match’s tongue hangs out and he gets all moony eyed when I wear it. This picture was taken with Match at the county fair in Oregon, visiting my parents. Yee-haw.]


6. A Picture of You Making a Funny Face at the Camera.

[This was a hard one, without showing my whole face, so I’ll just show my mouth, er, my tongue rather. I was also crossing my eyes and wearing a beanie. It’s a very attractive picture.]


7. A Picture of You on a Team or in a Club.

[I don’t have any digital pictures from when I was in high school, so here’s one of me on the unofficial Sloshball “Team”. I’m the one that’s upside down.]


8. A Picture of a Day or Night You Regret.

[This is me and a friend the night of the Military Ball back in college, when I was dating Cheater Guy (I’m on the right). I regret this night because I had found him in bed with his ex that morning, and I still went to the dance with him. Why didn’t I just dump him that night?!]

9. A Picture of the Real You.

[This is the real me: making stupid faces, afraid of heights (even a few inches off the ground, unbalanced (note that I could fall into the creek here) and impossibly small. Yes, my jeans are rolled up because I’m short.]

10. A Picture of you Being Absolutely Ridiculous.

[Sloshball, summer after college graduation. Giant foam cowboy hat? It doesn’t get much more ridiculous.]


11. A Picture of a Time in your Life that is Over, but You Wish Wasn’t.

[Me inflatable boxing in a dress, the night of Ex Best Friend’s graduation. My buddy in the picture boxed on his knees to make up for the height difference. I don’t always miss college, but I still wish we had the occasional wild party, and all the socializing we used to do. Oh, and I won!]

12. A Picture of a Time in your Life that’s Over, and You Couldn’t be More Thankful.

[This was a picture that Crazy Guy took overlooking San Francisco. It’s a cool picture, but it was a horrible time in my life. I felt like I was living some kind of nightmare when I was with him, and I am so so so happy that he’s no longer in my life.]

13. A Picture that You Had No Idea was Being Taken.

[I was dancing around drunk in my friend’s apartment, wearing a pair of his big baggy shorts, that looked like pants on me. I didn’t realize he had my camera.]


14. A Picture of You when You Were a Different Person than You are Now.

[I was a huge partier back in the day, as you have probably already guessed. This is me with my favorite shot, the Buttery Nipple. Note I’m showing you what it is. I’m happy to say I have toned all that partying way down. I still know how to have fun, in moderation.]

15. A Picture of You in a Fashion Don’t

[Simpsons boxers that were too big, matched with a Simpsons tee shirt that was too tight for my beer gut. Sexy.]
16. A Picture of Yourself that You Hate

[That’s me on the right, getting picked up by my friend, after falling down. The reason I hate this picture is because I was completely black out drunk. I have no memory of this night, I just woke up in bed fully clothed and very hung over. Oh, and notice that my butt is wet, WHY?]


17. A Picture that Describes How You Would Like to Spend Everyday.

[Being near the beach, snuggled up with Match. This picture was from our second date. He brought champagne, blankets, and we sat and talked (and kissed) for hours. It was the best date I’ve ever had. I could definitely do that every day.]


18. A Picture of a Time when Everything was Changing.

[College Graduation, summer of ’06. I was the first woman in my family to go to school, much less graduate. I knew that soon the days of goofing off and the nights of partying would be a thing of the past. I was also saying goodbye to my favorite roommate (on the right) and I knew that we’d never be as close as we were when we lived together.]



19. A Picture that Makes You Smile.

[My Monkey climbing trees. I mean look at how cute he is? Also, this picture was taken with Coast Sister in the park, and thinking of her visit makes me grin.]



20. A picture of the best day, or night, of your life.

[Hmm, I like to think that it’s still to come, hopefully I’ll be wearing a gown, and Match will have on a tux…but this one is the best of my life so far, the first time I ever met Match. I knew instantly that this one was different. :-)]




    You stole it! How dare you-I’m so just kidding. I love these. No wonder Match likes you in that dress, because you are one hot mama. ha. But I think my favorite is definitely the beach shot. So sweet.

    P.s.-I’m kind of scared of parrots usually, but these were just so docile.


    I might steal this one day, it’s a really good idea! 🙂

    Coast Sister

    This was an awesome idea. I’m glad that you stole it from Brittany. 🙂 ha! I really cannot believe some of those photos. I was sitting there thinking how I would ever do this. Hmmm….

    Anyways, really loved this. Thanks for sharing!


    Very cute!!! 🙂


    Nice idea! nice photos! Sweet moments! Can I use this idea? hehe. thanks.

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