Birthday Twin and the Wine Party

Marin: “Can you think of a better way to celebrate this new chapter in our relationship?”
Jack: “We, uh, we have chapters?”
Marin: “Mm-hmm. Chapter one, ‘strangers,’ chapter two, ‘sex’… chapter three, ‘friends.'”
Men in Trees

Today Couple Wife and I went to Birthday Twin’s wine party. It was their “Spring Release Party” where they had live music, mouth watering tritip and bbq chicken, and of course, their fantastic wine. Couple Wife drove us in her hubby’s car, so when we drove up, BT didn’t recognize me at first. He started signaling where to park, and I waved at him through the window excitedly. His mouth broke out into a huge grin and he pointed us to the front row parking space. As I got out of the car he grinned and said, “Had to give you the VIP parking spot” and grabbed me and gave me a big hug.
It felt like I just saw him yesterday, even though the last time we actually hung out was July, at my fundraiser. He looked cuter than I remembered, his eyes were a brighter blue, maybe because he had a tan. Couple Wife nudged me and said, “He’s cute, love the eyes” and winked at me.
We walked in and BT gave us big glasses and brought us over to the first tasting table. Then he had to leave to go help with parking, and we got our first pour from his dad. Before the Chardonnay even touched my lips BT was back at my side dragging me to the front of the barn (his winery is a small family winery, literally in a barn, it’s very rustic looking, with cement instead of wood flooring not traditional or stuck up feeling). He told me he had to keep an eye on parking, but he wanted to visit.

He immediately asked where Match was, and seemed genuinely disappointed when I told him Match couldn’t make it because of his internship at the fire station. He then said, “So has he popped the question? I don’t see a ring yet.” I grinned and told him not yet, but I definitely think he will, someday. I told him we weren’t in any rush, but that he does drop hints a lot. He smiled and asked if he would get an invite to the wedding, to which I replied of course! I elbowed him and said, “Why, do you want to be my maid of honor?” While we were talking Couple Wife wandered away to look at the artwork, giving us our time to catch up. I appreciate that about CW, she’s good at assessing a situation. It was so nice talking to BT, and it made me really miss hanging out with him, on a strictly friends level.

After our little chat, I found CW again and we went around tasting the different wines. My favorite hands down was the Viognier and I’m so glad that Match signed us up for the wine club, because I have two bottles of it waiting at home. We also got to taste a few wines I hadn’t tried before, including this Late Harvest Zin that was just the right amount of sweet.
img_4782After we had our fill of wines, we went outside to listen to the band, and get some bbq sandwiches. The band was just a trio of guys playing blue grass style music. It was really mellow, and I loved their sound. CW said that I should get them to play at my wedding. We talked a lot about weddings, and she said she hopes that Match gets her help with ring shopping. 🙂 I’m feeling closer to CW, and it was a lot of fun hanging out just us girls even though I did wish Match could have been there with us. We got in our fill of girl talk though, which is always fun.

We wandered around and took a few pictures by the vineyard, and got a little sun. The weather was so nice, it was almost downright hot. I was definitely feeling buzzed from the combination of heat and all that wine on a fairly empty stomach.
Birthday Twin kept popping back over to make sure we were having fun, even though he was crazy busy running around helping his other guests. It was easy to see that he’s a big part of the family business, and they really need him. I couldn’t help but remember those nights he’d come over stressed out after a long day at the winery, and he’d flop down on the lovesack and play with Monkey, and then snuggle up with me to watch TV. I’m glad I can look back on those memories fondly, and not wistfully. My only wish is that we’d never taken our friendship to that next level, because once you’ve slept with someone, that will always be there, you can’t erase it. I know BT and I can easily forget that we were ever more than friends, but it’s something I know Match never would. As understanding and trusting as he is, I know there are boundaries there that I need to respect. For instance, I know Match appreciated that I brought Couple Wife to the party, instead of going alone. It’s the little things that I know he’d do for me. On the other hand, I also know if I were to invite BT out bowling or something with the both of us, Match would be just fine with it.

After getting our fill to eat, we finally got too warm and decided to call it a day. CW and I both made our wine purchases, and when it was my turn, BT made sure he was the one to ring me up. As we were walking out,

img_4784BT walked with us, and gave me another big hug ,and said he’d love to get together soon, with Match too. He said we should try to go bowling soon, and I said we would. When we got in the car, I checked my wine box, and discovered he’d given me an extra bottle of the late harvest when I’d only ordered one. It was so sweet of him, such a classic BT thing to do. As we were driving home CW and I talked about how we felt like VIPs the whole time we were there, and decided that’s truly the only way to experience a wine party.

Couple Wife and I talked about how it’s too bad you can’t go back in time and not have randomly hooked up with a friend, like in BT’s case. Still, it’s nice to know that I’ve been there, done that, and know it didn’t work. We had our little fling, which was much more friendship than fling, BT is still my friend, and hanging out wasn’t awkward at all. Having him as my friend, and Match as my boyfriend is exactly the way things should be.


    Coast Sister

    It is too bad that the ‘hook up’ made things a lil weird for you now.Perhaps it will work out in due time.


    Sucks the hook up made things weird but everything happens for a reason. Maybe that had to happen so that you knew it wouldn’t work. But I’m glad things went good! I know it had to be good to see him. I mean he is still a friend and played a large roll in your life. I’m sure once Match hangs out with him more the hookup will be forgotten and just a thing of the past.

    Date Girl

    Yup, CS, I think that the more we hang out, the less weird it will be.
    E, I think that is so true. I am so glad I never have to wonder what if, because I know what if. I know that he’s my friend, just as he should be. I’m hoping we can all go bowling this next weekend. Oh, and when I got home, Match was really happy that I went. He said he’s not threatened at all, which is nice to hear. 🙂

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