Playing Dress Up

Robin: [She and Lily come out in fancy dresses] All right, what do you think?
Barney: [Looks up] Horrible.
Lily: You’re gonna make such a great dad.
Barney: You look so classy and nice, you’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Have you seen how the kids are dressing these days. With the Ashley and the Lindsay and the Paris. They all dress like strippers. It’s, “Go ho or go home.” So ladies… slut up!

Yesterday I am pretty sure I changed outfits about a hundred times. No I wasn’t trying to figure out what to wear, I was shopping, and then later in the day I was trying on old dresses that belonged to Match’s sister. Either way I felt like a barbie being tossed around by a little girl the way I had to do so many costume changes. But it was actually kind of fun.

I met up with Gym Buddy yesterday, ironically after I was done with a class at the gym (she overslept). We headed to the mall to meet up with a friend of hers, and spent most of the day shopping for clothes. Now I hate shopping. Hate hate hate hate it. I get really frustrated, and even though I know jean sizes vary by brand, I still find it a painful shot to the ego whenever something doesn’t fit. Still, I ended up actually having fun with Gym Buddy and her friend. Maybe it was because they weren’t super girly girls. Or maybe it was because like me, GB refuses to spend $100 on a pair of jeans which, in my own words to her, “You’re going to fart in for crying out loud!” She repeated that quote a few times, she thought it was hilarious. But it’s true right? I just can’t pay that much for one piece of clothing, call me cheap, but that’s how I feel.

Anyways, we got frustrated really quickly with the mall and their lack of selection, so we headed to this place called Plato’s Closet. It’s basically a high end thrift shop, where everything is brand name, and they have designer jeans for get this, $20. Yes, you can get a pair of gentley used, already farted in Lucky jeans for 75% off. It’s fantastic! I love thrift shops, and this one even more because everything was organized, perfect for my OCDness. I ended up finding two cute tops, a pair of jeans (that were short enough in length that I don’t have to roll them up!) and an adorable tube top summer dress made by Roxy, all for under $50. The summer dress fit, but it will look better when I lose about 5 more pounds. GB exclaimed that we both need to get into a hardcore gym routine to look even better in the stuff we just bought, so we agreed on a schedule.

After shopping, GB stopped by to check out my apartment and meet my pup and the crazy bird. Turns out she loves dogs, and loves birds which not a lot of people do. She said she’d pet sit anytime (yay!). Before leaving she said how nice it is to hang out with me because she doesn’t have a lot of good girlfriends. 🙂

cheesy photo

Match and I posing for a cheesy picture. He doesn’t even play the piano, ha.

Match got home shortly after GB left, and we got dressed up  (I actually wore a dress, something I’m trying to do more often) and headed up to his parents house for Easter dinner. We decided to celebrate on Saturday since they had plans all day with the family on Easter, and Match has his internship. Match’s mom told me I was welcome to come, but she figured I wouldn’t want to with Match not being there. I love how they include me like I’m already family. I thanked her but agreed that I would have more fun if Match could be there, and I didn’t want him to come home to an empty house after work. I plan on making him a nice Easter dinner and might even surprise him with an Easter basket!

While we were at Match’s parents, I mentioned to Match’s mom that Couple Friends are throwing a prom for Couple Wife’s birthday in July. She immediately dragged me to one of her closets and starts pulling out dresses that belong to Match’s sister. She said I could borrow whatever I wanted. So that’s where Dress Up Barbie came into play. I ended up trying on some gorgeous dresses, none of which were really Prom style, but great for a night out. One was a sexy red dress that looked perfect for a Valentine’s dinner, or maybe our 1 Year anniversary. Another dress was hilarious-it looked like something the Tooth Fairy would wear. It was a glittery white and silver sequinned dress, with lots of tulle, all puffed out. It could have doubled as a wedding dress gone terribly wrong. I guess Match’s sister got it at a second hand store because she thought it was funny. The minute Match saw it he started freaking out and demanded that I try it on. To which his dad ran out of the room and came back with a camera as soon as I was dressed. He started laughing and taking pictures of me in my “gown”. I wish I had them to share with you, because I looked quite the fool.

After dress up, we finally sat down to eat, and as is always the case with Match’s parents, the food was amazing. We drank and ate our fill, and then headed home and got into bed around 10pm, on a Saturday night. Match had his internship on Sunday, and I was tired from all the shopping, so we called it a night. I got a drunk dial from Miss PHD which was pretty cool, and a text from Gym Buddy inviting us out to the bars. Even though I didn’t go out, it was nice to get the invite. Match is planning on changing his schedule next month, and we’re hoping to have more weekends off together.

Now it’s Easter Sunday and I’m up way too early for the weekend. Trying to decide what to do with my day. All I know is it will not involve any dressing up. I plan on staying in my sweats for the entire day. 🙂

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    Coast Sister

    We had a mellow Easter too. And after reading this….I’m inspired to plan a date for ME to dress up and be all pretty for my hubby. It’s been awhile since I got all BEAUTIFUL for him and it would be nice to.

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