I Love You Woman

That’s why it’s always nice when someone takes the time to reach out and befriend you. -JD, Scrubs

Tuesday nights have become movie night for me and Brazil since Match has class that night, and her husband is off at college during the week. I love getting to spend that time together, even though I know when the baby comes we probably won’t get together quite as much. We went to see I Love You Man, and I thought it was hilarious. I really identified with Paul Rudd’s character Peter, because I have a hard time making new girl friends. I feel like if I approach a girl at the gym to hang out, she’ll think I’m hitting on her or something. While I do have a few great girlfriends, we don’t hang out as often as I would like. Having Coast Sister visit made me realize just how much I miss having a close friend to hang out with regularly.

While Brazil and I do have our movie night, she’s not really the kind of friend I call up on a regular basis to gab with, or spontaneously make plans with. She’s in a different phase of her life, about to have a baby, and everything is going to change. I’m so glad she’s my friend, but I realize that like Couple Wife, our time together will be sporatic.
Anyways, because of this, I could really sympathize with the characters in I Love You Man, and I could also see how Match was a bit like the main character as well. He doesn’t have a true “best friend” and I am happy to say that I do (she’s just across the freakin’ country). But as he says, he doesn’t really have the time, and what free time he does have, he likes to spend with me. And I’m not going to complain, especially since he’s happy with that. Then again, I’m a lot more social than he is.
So last night I’m in the middle of making a big taco dinner, when Gym Buddy calls. We’re finding out that our weekday schedules are a bit off, so it’s frustrating finding time to go to to the gym together. But instead of inviting me to work out this weekend, she invited me to go shopping with her and some friends. She said that we could even do brunch beforehand. I felt exactly like Peter in the movie, as I ran over to Match and squealed that GB called and we were going shopping this weekend. He said he loved seeing me with friends, especially when Coast Sister was here. “You were so happy, and I knew you needed that time with your friend” he said. He said he feels better when he’s off in class or at his internship knowing I’m out having fun, not just cleaning the apartment top to bottom and being completely OCD.
I liked the fact that Gym Buddy called me. I feel like with my friends, even my older ones, I’m always the one to call and ask to hang out, so it was refreshing to have someone else reach out first. GB mentioned that there would be some other girls there, so I’m just hoping they aren’t hardcore shoppers. There’s only so much clothes shopping I can handle. As I mentioned before I don’t have that feminine gene. Maybe if I drink a red bull or something I’ll be prepared.


    Coast Sister

    I loved this post. Sadly I believe that many of us women have had bad experiences with other women…and it makes us almost fearful to create friendships.

    I’m glad that you’re getting out there and trying to make a wo-MAN-date. haha! We need our girl time. And we must remember that although some people may have screwed us over in the past, that not everyone is like that.

    Have a great time shopping and doing girly things. I miss you!

    mimi jetaime

    oh my god! snap!

    i am exactly the same! in a room full of men i feel fine, relaxed, happy. but put me in a room full of women, and i will feel insecure, irrational, judged, and unatractive and generally like a small child lost in a shopping centre!

    how odd that its women who make women feel like this, when really we are probably all in the same boat!

    anyway! good luck! im sure you will have a fab time!




    I’m so the opposite, I’m intimidated by men. But my girlfriends are across the country too, so it usually ends up being just Adam and me. But I do miss the “hanging out with my girlfriends” part of my life. I hope the shopping went really well, and you have tons of new people to hang out with!


    i LOVE friend crushes and when they work out. you go girl!


    Cool post.

    Isn’t Paul Rudd fantastic?

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