SPT-Gift a Family Member

Prue: My sisters and I, we have special gifts.
Allison Michaels: Gifts? What kind of gifts?
Prue: Ones you can’t return. Let’s just say we come from an interesting kind of family tree. -Charmed

This month’s SPT challenge is all about giving non material gifts. Lelly tells us to “focus on the gift of service, the gift of a smile, the gift of a repurposed or gently used item, the gift of a kind word. you know, those gifts that would be

hard to wrap in a box with a pretty bow.”

This week we’re to give a gift to a family member. Now she may not be blood, l_9e8efa04d6c14bd498f43ac0d7c3e24ebut Coast Sister is definitely a part of my family.


I feel closer to her than ever, especially after our fun weekend together (I’m the one on the right, wearing a sweatshirt from her town, and she’s wearing an SF sweatshirt from mine, ha!).

l_0dd73b1c4fe9445180043a8969f09a5fI gave her the gift of my

hospitality, and of course my lovely futon. Ha! I gave the gift of my time, and the gift of my crazy California driving, as well as a view of the sights of my home. I also gave her the gift of Ghiradelli Square, where they pass out free chocolate, yum. Oh, and I’m standing straight up, and I come up to her ear, lol.

Even though I’m saying these are gifts I gave to her, I think her coming all the way out here to visit me was definitely a gift to me. Thank you for making the journey, and for being a part of my life!



    What a fun weekend. Spending time with great friends is a wonderful gift.


    Love the sweatshirts. There is nothing better than a futon….well, maybe that chocolate…


    i have to say, i was tickled that she is so much taller than you šŸ™‚ sounds like you had a fantastic visit.

    representing the O.I.B. nice!!

    Coast Sister

    awwww….I LOVE YOU!!! You’re amazing! Great SPT!


    Friends that feel like family can’t be beat. It looks like you had a great weekend.


    I’d love to give someoen the gift of my futon. Anyone anywhere. I need to get rid of that thing.


    what a great post!


    Good post and good gifts šŸ™‚

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