Coast Sisters Reunited

Cristina: Why can’t you mind your own business, you know? What is your problem?
Meredith: You’re my sister. You’re my family. -Grey’s Anatomy

img_4517I can’t believe that it actually happened. Coast Sister got on a plane, and flew to my coast! Match and I decided to surprise her at the gate at the San Francisco airport. We were both so giddy that we started kind of jumping up and down and she yelled, Ahhhh!!! We must have looked ridiculous. I think both of us thought it would be a little bit awkward, just because we hadn’t seen each other in person since 2007, but it was as if I just saw her yesterday. The funny thing was, it was that comfortable for Match too. They both started joking around from the minute they met.We were so busy the whole time she was here that I didn’t have a chance to blog until today. It was a whirlwind of sight seeing and plans, we were all overimg_4538 the place. Thursday we started with a trip to Pier 39, where minus the crazy wind, the weather was beautiful. We did the whole tourist thing, and even took the ferry into the city which was fun. We took about a million pictures before heading back to my place, where we set up for game night.
Coast Sis got to meet Couple Friends and Nice Guy, and of course Couple Baby. Couple Wife and Coast Sister got along great, just like I knew they would. We had a blast playing this game called Mad Gab, where the words are all misspelled and funky sounding, sort of sounds like saying a phrase drunk. Anyways it was hilarious, and we were all giggling like crazy. CW asked CS about how we met, and we had to launch into the whole story of Coast Guard Guy and the trip to New Jersey. img_4558We both agreed that the best part of me meeting Coast Guard Guy and really the only good thing about it, was that I got to meet Coast Sister. Couple Wife couldn’t believe how comfortable we were around each other for technically only meeting twice. It doesn’t feel like that to us though, and to Match either. When we went to bed he told me how great CS was, and that he was so glad she was able to come out and visit us.

Friday I took CS to my favorite park where we went on a long walk with img_4585Monkey in tow. She was amazed that California was green and not all city life. img_4577I kept dropping hints about her Coastie Husband bidding for a city near us, so we could be in the same time zone. I think I may have her convinced, if she can get over the fact that we have so many people. If you took away half the population, it would be perfect, but maybe I can still get them to put us on their wish list. A girl can dream right? 🙂

Friday afternoon was kind of surreal. Match took half the day off, and came with us on a wine tasting adventure. We decided to go see Birthday Twin at his family winery, but we ended up missing him by twenty minutes. He texted me that he was bummed he couldn’t be there, but he invited me to a big wine party they’re having next weekend. I okayed it with Match, and I’ll probably go and visit with my friend. For those of you that read my blog back in the day, you’ll know that Birthday Twin and I have a past, but that’s just it, the past. He is my friend, just the way he should have always been. I’m excited to see him, but I couldn’t get over how crazy it was that there I was, wine tasting at Birthday Twin’s winery with Match and Coast Sister. Who would have thunk it?

img_4598We went to another winery where CS got to taste the wonderfulness that is dessert wine. Afterward, we were going to do karaoke, but we were all pretty exhausted. What I love about CS is that even though I was the host, everything felt very casual. I didn’t have to fret over her as a houseguest. She wasn’t afraid to tell me that she was tired and didn’t need to be doing something every night. So we lounged inside and watched a movie, and CS promptly passed out early. Poor thing was on East Coast time till the last day!

Saturday we had Brazil’s baby shower, where CS got to meet Brazil, Beard Guy, and Old Married Couple. We dealt with some drama involving one of theimg_4613 party organizers. Let’s just say the old biddy had nothing better do than boss us around, but us sisters just trashed her, ignored her, and went ahead and had a great time. I was in charge of games, and there img_4671was one where we had the guys blow up balloons, stick them under their shirts like a pregnant belly, and try to tie their shoes. It was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, and I think the pictures can attest to that!


Sunday was Coast Sister’s last day, and we went first to the beach, so she img_4708could say she’s been to my coast 🙂 and then we explored the rest of San Francisco.


We started at the lookout, just before the bridge, and got some classic pictures. Then we went to Ghiradelli Square, and ended up at Twin Peaks, where you can literally see the entire city. It’s incredible, and I hadn’t been there since I was a freshman in college, so it was great to revisit.img_4725

I was sad to say goodbye to Coast Sister, even though I know she was ready to get home and see her husband. I really do wish we lived closer, because I know that we’d probably see each other at least once a week. Still, I felt blessed that we were able to have this visit, and I can’t wait till Match and I are able to go visit her and her hubby on their coast.

This morning, Poor Coast Sister got stuck in Philadelphia on her way home, and may have to stay there one night. I feel so bad for her, because I know she really misses her husband. It really put a damper on what was an awesome trip. Still, once she finally gets home I’m sure it will just add to her story, and hopefully she won’t regret coming out here!



    I’m glad you had such a good time together 🙂 It’s wonderful to have such great friends! Ok when you typed Birthday Twin I thought “whoa blast from the past.” I think its great you are still friends and I understand exactly where you are coming from. I have a similar guy friend with the past/history but like you I’m thankful we are still friends. Got to ask though was it weird in anyway? Also does match know about the history?

    On another note maybe you can go visit coast sister soon 🙂

    Date Girl

    Hey E!

    Yes, Match does know our history, and he’s pretty cool with Birthday Twin because they actually went to college together, small world right? He just prefers that we don’t hang out a lot one on one. BT wasn’t actually at the winery, which was a bummer, we haven’t seen him in ages. But he’s having a party in a few weeks at his vineyard, and I’m taking Couple Wife since Match can’t go. While I know Match wouldn’t care if I go alone, I feel like it’s a respect thing. I would want him to do the same for me you know?
    As for visiting Coast Sister, I’m working on it. Definitely within a year we will go out there. 🙂

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