Skinny Bitch Broke Me

Trish: All right. Start with a hundred push-ups!
Marshall: All right, cool. How many do you want me to do?
Trish: A hundred.
Marshall: Oh, I thought that was a figure of speech. A hundred push-ups. Like do a bazillion push-ups. No one can do a hundred.
Trish: (sniffing) Do you smell that?
Marshall: No.
Trish: Smells like there’s a little bitch in my gym. Are you being a little bitch in my gym?
Marshall: No.
Trish: Then get on the floor and give me a hundred! –How I Met Your Mother

Tonight, true to her word, Gym Buddy texted me about going to one of the classes at our gym. I gladly agreed, and we headed to the night class, called 24 Lift. I warned GB that this class was rough, since she’d never taken it. I had taken a few classes and they were always tough, but this one straight up wrecked me. I should have known better when the perky instructor got to the front of the class and grinned at us and said, “Ok, so are you guys ready to work?” with this little gleem in her eye, of a person who loves to torture those around her.

Poor GB looked at me and grimmaced. We managed to make it through class, where at the end we were both dripping sweat and cursing the perky size zero instructor and her perfect ass. After class we limped to our cars and said even though it was torture we should definitely do it again. GB said she’s had a lot of trouble with friends saying they’d be consistent gym buddies and then giving it up too quickly. I told her I love going, and I’m motivated to get in shape, and we could help each other out. I’m excited about the idea of having someone else to work out with. It’s nice having Match go to the gym with me, but he doesn’t do the same workouts as I do, and I get bored when I’m not taking a class. Plus just having that extra motivation of someone to push me along when I get tired is nice.

When I got home after the workout, Gym Buddy texted me, “Skinny Bitch broke me!” I started cracking up, cause this girl has the same sense of humor as I do. I’m excited to get back to the gym and work our way to becoming “skinny bitches”.



    Haha glad it went well πŸ™‚ and yes it helps to have a gym buddy!


    She broke yoU?
    I tried being skinny. Very hard.
    Good Luck to you dear.


    Ugh, I wish I had a gym buddy! You’re lucky. I’m stuck all alone at the gym trying to pick up guys!


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    i love the pictures on your blog too.. hoping to see ur comment back on my blog soon πŸ™‚

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