Saturday Afternoon Gab Session

I lack your feminine wiles. -Karin Berquist, X-Files

Today was one of my Virgo days where I got a million things done in a morning, all before 2 o’clock. I sat down and looked around and realized there was nothing left to do at the house. I texted Couple Wife since it’s been awhile since I’d seen the baby, and asked if she felt like a visit and an iced coffee. I headed over for a quick visit, and was greeted by not only Couple Wife but two of her girlfriends. Now I’ve mentioned it before, that I always feel a bit awkward around girls, especially at first. I think it was because I grew up with brothers, or maybe because I’m part tomboy, but I just don’t have that feminine gene, at least not ingrained in my head. I have to work at it, and sometimes it’s painfully obvious (like when I curl my hair and it looks like droopy macaroni).
So there I was, with three other women, all looking cute and done up, with makeup, and one even wearing those cute UGG Australia boots and somehow pulling it off with a tube top. Me on the other hand, I was in flip flops with jagged unpainted toenails that looked more like claws, no makeup, wet hair from my recent shower, and a grubby tee.
But even though these girls were the picture of girliness, they were also really easy to talk to. No one seemed to notice my nasty toenails (I’m getting a pedicure with Coast Sister on Friday!!) or my grubby clothes. We just sat around, taking turns holding the baby and visiting with Couple Wife. She’s really easygoing, so she kept conversation flowing, and made sure to include me when the other two started talking about people the three of them knew that I didn’t. She’d fill me in with little tidbits, which was so thoughtful.
By the time I was ready to leave, I was feeling pretty comfortable with these girls. One of them I had hung out with once before, and she seems really nice. We got to talking about how we go to the same gym, and we need gym buddies, so her and I exchanged numbers. We even made plans to go work out on Monday. If she actually comes, I think I’ll start referring to her as Gym Buddy.
I’ve had problems with girls seeming really nice at first, but then never talking to them again, so I have my reservations. Still, if Couple Wife likes her, she’s probably a good egg, and I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. It was nice that she was the one who said she’d love to go to the gym with me, instead of the other way around. I’m used to being the one to put myself out there all the time, and never getting anything back.
So I survived a Saturday gab session with the ladies. I think I’m ready for my ovaries now! 😉



    Lol thats great! Maybe its a Virgo thing cause I can be the same way (never looking as cute and put together as some of the others). Oh well maybe thats what makes us special!


    I’m the same as you, I’m crap unless I’ve known them for a good while. This makes it very difficult making friends… I need to find some more out here but it’s just too difficult!

    Coast Sister

    I’m so glad you’re making some new girlfriends. I cannot wait to meet them!!

    Ma'm Author

    Signing is as another Virgo with the same problem. Girls and I rarely gel. One “giggle” and Im running a mile. Boys are so much easier.

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