Busybody Neighbor

Bonnie: Who was that?
Roseanne: That was my lovely neighbor.
Bonnie: Oh, the ice pop lady, eh?
Roseanne: Mm-hm, frozen solid with a great big old stick up her butt. –Rosanne

I think I’ve mentioned before just how much I love our new apartment. It’s been three months now, and we’re getting all settled in, getting those last few pictures hung, and everything is where I want it. There is one drawback of the new place however, and that is the busybody neighbors. I’ve noticed the neighbors always seem to want to know everyone’s business, but they’ve been friendly overall and haven’t bothered me. That is, until last night.

Match and I recently decided we wanted to make extra money for our trip/entertainment fund. We’ve opened a small cleaning service, mostly cleaning recently vacated properties for Match’s family’s property management company. It’s nice because Match’s day job is with his family’s company, he finds out what needs to be cleaned, and we get first dibs on the job. The idea is to not work too many extra hours, and just earn a few extra bucks in our spare time. Unfortunately, our first job was a last minute cleaning job that needed to be done last night. That meant we had to work on a weeknight, which is rough for me, since I work so early in the mornings.
After a grueling night where we scrubbed a 3 bedroom/2 1/2 bathroom house, I headed home a little after 10pm, tired, sore, and just a bit grumpy.

I pulled onto our street and of course there was nowhere to park. We don’t have assigned parking spaces, and the street fills up quick. I finally found a space pretty far from my apartment, but it was the only one I could find, so I took it. As I was getting out and grabbing my stuff, my paper bag full of cleaning supplies broke, and spilled all over the ground. I swore loudly, and bent down to pick everything up, and the lady in the apartment above opens up her window and says, “Need some help?” She said it in a sort of rude way, not in a way that made me think she wanted to actually help me. I just said, “No I got it, thanks though!” and went about picking everything up.
As I was trying to get everything in my arms, the lady starts firing off questions at me. First she asked if I lived there, and this was dripping with attitude. I said yes, then she asked where, and I told her. Then she says smugly, “Well that’s my parking space.”

Now here I must mention again, there are no assigned spaces. She says there are plenty of spaces by my apartment, and points back in the direction I came from. Here I am standing with my arms FULL, and I just said, “Trust me, if there was a closer spot, I would have taken it.” I then calmly told her, “Look I’m sorry, but there are no assigned parking spots.” Then I walked away as she slammed her window shut.

I went to my car this morning and found a note stuck to my window. It said, “All of us who live here are very neighborly. We try to help each other out. Maybe you could try that, instead of being so ariogant.”
I couldn’t believe this woman! I did absolutely nothing wrong, and she was so rude. Plus she didn’t spell arrogant right. I was so tired, sore, grumpy, and extremely pissed at the note this morning. So I rolled down my window, crumpled up the note and threw it on the ground, and said “That’s not how you spell arrogant bitch!” I don’t think she heard me, but it still felt good. I’m bummed that I’ve made an enemy, but I’m pretty sure she’d find any excuse to be rude. I’m also proud of myself for not backing down to her, something I might have done a few years ago. Not exactly the way I wanted to start my day though.



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    OMG!!! How rude of her! Hopefully it will get better. But some people just are never going to be nice. Hate to say it but she kinda sounds like one of those…..

    Coast Sister

    THE NERVE!!!!


    Ugh I hate people like that. You should leave a note : Dear Busybody, I like living in a friendly neighborhood with people who don’t act petty over parking spaces, they apparently don’t have much of a need for. So you can take it where the sun don’t shine.


    Throw a house-warming party at your apartment, and invite everyone in the building but her :o)

    Ma'm Author

    Yep, good on you for not backing down. Id be feeling proud of myself too for exactly the same reason.

    We can likely just feel sorry for people like that and their obviously miserable existance.

    I loke your blog đŸ™‚

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