The Gym Makes Me Out of Shape

Miranda : 35 and they’re dying! We should just give up now.Carrie : Well, on the bright side this could explain why they don’t call back.Charlotte : How did he…Miranda : Heart attack. At the gym.Carrie : See? This is why I don’t work out.       –Sex and the City

If there were a theme for this week it would be exhausted. I’m so incredibly tired all of the time. So why am I so tired? Well aside from work actually being incredibly busy and mentally draining, I’ve been hitting the gym with gusto.

I joined the gym at the end of December, but I didn’t start getting into a routine until recently. I discovered the joys of the free classes my gym offers, and have realized that it’s much easier to stay on task in an instructor led class than on my own. Left to my own devices I usually wander aimlessly in the gym and do a very half assed work out. For some reason in the classes I feel the need to impress my instructor. Maybe it’s my Virgo good student attitude showing through, but I feel like I MUST succeed. So I push myself to the extreme. The good news is I’m starting to see real results. Not so much in weight loss, but in inches, and in muscle tone. I’m also feeling better, instead of that icky I-just-ate-a-giant-greaseball bloated feeling that I used to have all the time.
Still you’d think all this gym going would give me more energy, but it has thus far left me drained like a gutted pig at a Luau. Too graphic? Sorry! I’m hoping that if I keep up the routine not only will the pounds drop, but the energy level will increase. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the gym. I love that Match goes to the same one, and we motivate each other to workout. Still, I can’t help but wish for that ball of energy I had when I was 22, when a 2 hour workout didn’t even phase me. Now one hour and I’m dragging my aching body home. Today I was having so tired I was having trouble formulating corherent sentences.  In a way, it’s like the gym is making me out of shape, at least socially. While my butt might fit into that cute pair of going out jeans again, it doesn’t do me much good when I’m falling asleep on the couch at 8pm!!



    Ha Everynight I swear I toy with the idea of going to bed at 8! But then I think man that is pathetic, and how come I can’t stay up all night like I did in college.

    Coast Sister

    WORK IT GIRL!!! SOME days I’m like that….but most of the time it totally just pumps me up. I say when I’m there we “dance it out”. haha! keep it up…you can do it!


    Ha! I feel the EXACT same way! I’m always exhausted now and don’t know how I stayed up so late and partied like an animal during my college days. I feel like such an old fart sometimes and I’m only 26!

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