Coast Sister and the Plane Ticket

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided to be spontaneous. -  Mark, ER

I’ve never been one known for my spontenaity. I’m a planner. I make lists, I check them constantly, and I freak out when someone wants to do something last minute. That wasn’t in the itinerary!! Coast Sister understands this need for order, because she’s a lot like me (understatement of the year). So when our daydreaming of hanging out together turned into a texting frenzy on my unlocked phone, then IMing each other with, “really, should we do this?” and “Are we crazy?!” it was about as out of character as we could possibly get. That moment that I clicked submit, there was no turning back. Coast Sister will be flying out to see me the first week of April!!!

It all started with an email, where CS told me she’s been feeling a bit down. She originally was supposed to go on a spontaneous road trip with her sis in law, also out of character for her. She got all worked up, and then the plans fell through, so it was a let down. I was bummed too, because I had been scheming about meeting up with her on her road trip. It would have brought her to Seattle, which is just too close to pass up (Coast Sister lives far away, in North Carolina).

We started talking about how great it would be to meet up somewhere and have a girl’s weekend. We both sacrifice a lot for our men and their careers, and spend a great deal of time alone. We both haven’t done anything for ourselves lately, and thought it would be so much fun. So daydreaming turned into me looking up plane ticket prices, and realizing that because of the economy, tickets are dirt cheap.

After searching prices, I got CS on IM and said, should I do it? Should we just go for it? We decided to split the tickets, and she’s headed out April 1st-6th. The funny thing is some people think it’s an April Fool’s joke. I find it hard to believe myself. I may not believe it till I’m actually picking her up from the airport.

What makes the trip even more exciting than seeing my best girl friend, whom I haven’t seen since December 2007, is that she’s NEVER been to California, ever. So it will be a whirlwind of sight-seeing, wine tasting, giggling, FUN. Match even said, “Should I sleep on the couch and give you girls the room? I’m going to be the third wheel here aren’t I?” Yes, sweetie, you are. But he’ll get some much needed alone time, so I think it will be good for all parties. Plus, Coast Sister’s Coastie husband will be on duty the whole time, so she wouldn’t have been able to see him anyways. It’s too bad he can’t be here, to hang out with Match while CS and I run amuck but maybe next time. Coast Sister Hubby wants to skype with me so I can assure him that we will be good and not be “wild girls”. Hehe.
Ahhhh, I’m so excited if I could do cartwheels in my office, I would!!

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    Coast Sister

    (Let’s getting ready to rumble…plays in background)

    I’ve taken the midwest….I’ve conquered the east coast….and now it’s time to OWN the west coast. hahahahahahaha!!! Gosh it seems like I’ve been really tired everytime I’m on your site lately…i always say stupid stuff. OH WELL.

    Seriously, so excited! I keep wondering if this is an April Fool’s joke too. I’m like…Are they going to give me a ticket? Are they going to let me board the plane? Is it really going to fly to Cali? Will Date Girl really be there to pick me up? hahahaha! Sorry this i
    s just so completely out of character for us both. It’s awesome.

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

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