My Brat Attack

Ooh, you’re an angry monkey. Ooh, you’re pissed! You’re…PMS monkey? -Phoebe, Charmed

I like to think of myself as a generally happy, upbeat person. I even like to think that normally I don’t fall prey to the perils of PMS. Unfortunately for Match, yesterday I think I got a double dose of bitch. The bad mood started out with getting quasi flaked on by Couple Friends.
They finally had their baby (yay) and we haven’t had the chance to visit him, because they have so many friends and have been inundated with visitors. We kept our respective distance because we figured we’d get a lot of face time with the lil guy, and we didn’t want to overwhelm him. So we made plans for Sunday, and then Couple Wife had to cancel and resched. for Wednesday. Match and I have really been looking forward to it, so you can imagine my disappointment when I get a text from CW that says, “You’re going to think I’m doing this on purpose, but is there any way we can get together another night?”
Turns out, some friend of her’s told her on Monday night that she’d be coming into town Wednesday, and she was coming from about 8 hours away. I wanted to be understanding, but part of me felt like it was unfair. Here we had made plans, and with Match’s schedule, we don’t have a lot of free time. But what could I say? So I just said, yeah, we understand, just let us know when you’re free. So she writes another text that she still wants to see us, but that she doesn’t want to have dinner because she doesn’t want her friend to feel like she’s intruding on a double date (even though she kind of is!) I know absolutely none of this is CW’s fault, it’s just that they’re so darn popular. I guess I’ve just been really missing friend time, and I was really looking forward to seeing them, and just hanging out us four. We’re still going to stop by tonight, but we’re going to make it brief, because now we feel like we’re the ones intruding.
My logical side says I know that we’ll see them more than most visitors because we live in the same town, but my bratty 12 year old girl side is stamping her foot and saying, “It’s not fair!”
The bright spot of my day was getting to go to Coast Sister’s St. Patty’s Day party. Well, sort of. We skyped, so I was there in the video screen of her laptop. It was fun, especially when Match plopped down on the couch and chatted with her. It was the first time they “met” and it went really well. Match and I goofed around the house and took cute pictures in our green outfits (I had a shirt on that said, Idaho, no you da ho, and he wore a green bandana in his back pocket, like a Newsie). We laughed a lot, and I felt like my normal self.
My bad mood returned  though when he had to go off to class, and I was stuck at home. We agreed that we’d try to go out when he got home, but I knew there was a slim chance, since I work at 7am weekdays. He ended up getting home at 1030, and I just couldn’t muster the energy. I stayed up till 11 something with him at home because I felt bad for not wanting to go out, and then cursed myself because I couldn’t get to sleep. I just kept tossing and turning, and muttering angrily when Match did so much as scratch his nose. I had horrible cramps, so he rubbed my belly, talked sweetly, basically did everything right, and I still snapped at him. I wasn’t even angry at him, just myself for being so tired and not being able to go to sleep.

I’m definitely paying for my brat attack today. I can barely keep my eyes open, I need a second cup of tea, and it’s only 8am. Despite that, I am feeling much better. I’m excited to see Couple Friends tonight, even if we do have to share their time. Who knows, their friend could be a lot of fun. Plus, we get to see Couple Baby!

I feel terrible for treating Match so badly, but he just smiled sleepily at me and said all was forgiven as I kissed him goodbye this morning. Still, I think I should find a way to make it up to him. Any suggestion?



    We all have our bitch days, sometimes I have them no piss. You just wake up on the wrong side of the world. Just make him dinner or promise to be understanding the next time hes a grump!


    I mean NON-pmsing not non piss LOL

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