Karaoke Craziness

Dr. Chase: [Referring to Dr. House] He likes crazy people. He likes the way they think.
Dr. Foreman: They think…badly. That’s the definition of…crazy.
Dr. Chase: They’re not boring. He likes that. –House

Last night Match and I agreed to go bowling with LAX Guy and Baker Chic. I wasn’t thrilled about it because the few times we’ve hung out with them, BC has been incredibly boring. She’s really quiet, and I find myself filling the awkward silences with nervous awkward chitchat, and I always feel stupid. It’s a bummer too, because LAX is a really cool guy. Match ended up bribing me by telling me that there is karaoke at the bar inside the bowling alley.
We called up Nice Guy, because he’s a lot more fun, and he actually engages in conversations. The guys went to sing up for a game while BC and I watched the singers. BC just sat there texting on her phone, so I texted Coast Sister who helped break up the boredom. But despite Baker Chic’s silence, we ended up having a pretty good time. While the guys bowled a game and I went back and forth between watching them play and watching the karaoke singers, waiting for my turn.

There was a huge list, and I didn’t get to sing until after the boys had played their game (Match won!). I got up to sing my go to song, Sweet Child of Mine, By Sheryl Crow. It’s always an interesting experience, singing for a new crowd, but this time was probably the most interesting I’ve ever had.
I get up and start singing, and this super creepy, bearded hippy guy gets up with his girlfriend and start dancing all crazy next to me. I didn’t mind at first, till the guy turns to me and says, “Turn around!”

First of all, I’m not going to turn my back on a complete stranger, and secondly, WHAT? So I just sort of look at him funny and keep singing, and the guy start grinding on my back! I looked out at the crowd and Match is just starring at the the couple dumbfounded. I was trying to use telepathy to get Match to pick up the camera and take a picture, but he just sat there in shock. So much for getting those memory cards, since he didn’t bother to use it! It would have been a classic picture, because I’m sure I had the funniest expression on my face.
After the song ended, I went back to our group, and everyone was laughing pretty hard. I harassed Match about not taking a picture, and he said he was trying to decide if he should run up there and rescue me.

It was a fun night, but I’m not sure if I’ll become a regular at that karaoke joint, at least not without Match there to step in for the dry humpers.


    Coast Sister

    EXCELLENT! oh you know you liked it. hahaha!! So great.


    You are so brave! I can only do group karaokoe, but thats because I can’t sing at all. And I would have paid to see the crazies on the stage, and how dare Match not take a picture. BOYS.

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