SPT-Eight is Great

Charlie: Remember how you were a bed wetter until you were eight?
Alan: Yeah?
Charlie: You actually stopped at six.
Alan: What, what? What did you do? Did you sneak into my room and– and, and, and, and– pour warm water on me while I was asleep?
Charlie: Yeah, OK. Let’s… say it was water, and let’s say I poured it. –Two and a Half Men

SPT Crazy Eight challenge continues!darts

Last weekend Match and I decided that we needed to do something different, so we went downtown to check out the nightlife. We quickly got scared off by the loud bar scene, and instead went to a small Irish pub near our house. They were playing folk music, it was quiet, and we were perhaps the youngest people there, but we had a great time. Plus I got to show off my mad dart playing skills to Match. He was surprised when I almost beat him! 🙂 If you look closely at the dart board, you can see a couple of 8s.  And yes, I’m ridiculously short.



    that sounds like a fun night out! i definitely do not have mad dart skillz…

    crystal has just been hung up on about 8 times in a row. i’m thinking of redoing my spt 🙂

    Date Girl

    Oh no, poor Coast Sis! Who would want to hang up on such a cheerful person? You should make that next week’s SPT. 🙂


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    xoxo – claudia


    Looks like fun!

    Coast Sister

    hahaha! LOVE IT! I’m surprised your little arms can throw darts hard enough for them to stick. hahahahaha!!!


    Love it! Sounds like you had fun 🙂


    The picture super sneaky-I’m lovin the creativity.

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