The One Where Couple Wife is Late

Chandler: (To Rachel, sarcastically) Hey, have you had the baby yet?
Rachel: Do you want me to come over there and sit on you, because I’ll do it?!   –Friends

Last night I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner, when I get a text from Couple Wife: “Feel like going out for chinese? Preggo woman needs egg rolls!” That’s right, the poor thing STILL hasn’t had her baby. She’s officially 10 days late, and uncomfortable as hell. So the four of us decided to go out for food, and try to make CW eat as much spicey mustard as she could stand.

After dinner we went over to Couple Friends’ house to watch the Friends episode, The One Where Rachel is Late. It was perfect for CW and she laughed the whole episode. I know she’s probably going to sleep dreaming of the of the hospital, just waiting for her turn. The worst thing is, she’s already been induced once, and they sent her home because it didn’t work. Couple Baby is a boy, and already he’s showing classic stubborn signs of men!

They are inducing her again this Sunday, and we can only hope this works, because if not, she’s going to have to have a C-section, ouch.

Now I want babies someday, I really truly can’t wait to be a mom. But the pregnancy part scares me to death! Watching two close girlfriends, Couple Wife and Brazil, go through this pregnancy stuff and all the challenges they face has me even more on edge. Brazil just got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, so she has to be really careful about what she eats, and it is a complete chore. She can’t just eat what she craves, poor thing. Still, I have this morbid curiousity about pregnancies, and I ask a million questions. I guess because I know one day (not anytime soon thank you very much) it will be me, and I want to be prepared. I’m not sure you can ever fully be prepared for that, but I’m at least going to try.

On our way home, I couldn’t help but breathe a big sigh of relief that Match and I aren’t on the baby track just yet. I’m enjoying the spot we’re at right now, and the fact that there’s not a watermelon between us when we hug. 😉



    I feel so bad for me, I can’t imagine how that feels! Good thing she is able to laugh about it 🙂

    Coast Sister

    Poor thing. She’s going to be sooooo thankful when the baby is here. At least she gets a few extra days to prepare for all the changes coming her way.

    My mom is a firm believer in Castor oil. It put my sisters into labor EVERY time within the hour. So tell her to take a shot of that.

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