SPT-Crazy 8’s

Band guy: Hey, you. Busy?
Cory: You’re not gonna ask me to the dance, are you?
Band guy: What if I did?
Cory: I’d say, “Pick me up at eight, but no slow dances.” –Boy Meets World

My dear friend Coast Sister told me about this cute blog her boss has, that does a Tuesday challenge to all bloggers called “SPT”, which stands for Self Portrait Tuesday. So every Tuesday you post a self portrait, but the catch is there is a theme each month, and sometimes a weekly challenge. So this month, the theme is Crazy 8s. You can learn more about it at Lelly’s website. It’s a cute idea, and it will be quite the challenge for me, because as you know, I never post my face.

Here’s this week’s SPT-Match actually helped me come up with it. We saved our champagne corks from

img_4412the few times we’ve cracked open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. He put them together, and said, “does this count? It’s shaped like an 8.” So that’s me holding our champagne corks, and 8 is a significant number for us, because we met in 2008. Oh, and after I took the picture, he points to it, and says, “T sag, hahaha.” I won’t even get into the eighth grade humor behind that one. 😉



    Haha that was so creative!I love it. It also makes me want to run out and get some champagne.


    I think that is a good 8. Not sure how I am going to do 5 posts of 8, thanks for stopping by.

    Coast Sister

    hahaha! I think it counts!

    monsieur sunset

    wow so you have found the love of your life at last? excellent news – I am just starting out again 🙁


    It’s very creative.


    Medicated and Motivated

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve read the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and it was really good. I thought the same thing you did about the movie….I really want to see it since I’ve read the book, but it just doesn’t look good enough for me to spend that much money to see it at the theatre. I’ll probably wait for it to come out on DVD also.

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