Cutting Back

It’s not a recession, it’s a correction. Correction, it’s a recession. This Is the Colbert Report! -Stephen, The Colbert Report

This recession has brought about even more penny pinching than Match and I normally do. We’ve been trying to find ways to cut down on our monthly bills. I spent some time researching cheap auto insurance online and other ways to cut down on spending.

The nice thing is, our new place is a lot less expensive than our last place was. I’ve actually been able to save money into our vacation fund. Also, the added penny pinching has helped a lot. I figure if we have an emergency, or if things go further south with the economy, and heaven forbid, our jobs are affected, hopefully we’ll have a little safety net of savings.

Has anyone else been affected by the recession at all? Have you noticed yourselves cutting back on luxuries like trips to dinner or the movies? What little things are you doing to save money?

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    Coast Sister

    Well, we have no cable television.

    I used to get pedicures once a month….I just recently got my 1st pedicure in a year! (and it was amazing!)

    I used to get my dog groomed once a month….I’ve been doing all the grooming for months now. (don’t worry…she still looks fabulous.ha!)

    We don’t eat out or go out to do stuff that cost $ as often.

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