Good Old Fashioned Girl Talk

Carlene: Oh, Mary Jo. You are just the best girlfriend I’ve ever had! I mean it! If you were a man I’d marry you. I would!(pondering) But Julia, you know what . . . I would find you very attractive too. It would be a tough decision . . . Mary Jo or Julia. I can’t decide! Allison, what do you think?
Allison: I think you need a date” bad!!
Carlene: You think so?
Mary Jo: Oh, don’t pay any attention to her. She’s just mad because none of us want to marry her
Designing Women

These past few months I’ve been really missing having a good girlfriend to hang out with. Coast Sister is by far my best gal pal, but unfortunately she lives across the country (come on Coast Guard, make her hubby get stationed in CA!!). I was really missing having someone here to do things with, like go see chick flicks or just sit around and girl talk. 

Saturday morning Couple Wife took me up on my suggestion to go for a walk in the park near our houses. We started by making a pit stop at Starbucks, which jump started the morning. I can’t remember the last time I’d gone for coffee with a friend, and it was so nice. Then we hiked all over the park, which was impressive given she’s 9 months pregnant. Part of the walk idea was to see if we could speed along the arrival of Couple Baby. He’s due this week, so we were hoping to jump start labor.

While we didn’t get her water to break, we did have a great time talking. We have always gotten together with Match and Couple Hubby in tow, so we didn’t get a chance to get to know one another. She’s a lot like me, and Coast Sister for that matter (if we got in a room together, I’m sure we’d sound like hens, the way we can talk, ha). We talked about everything, from how her relationship began with Couple Hubby, to going through loss with him when his mom died from asbestos poisoning. Couple Hubby also lost his dad soon after, isn’t that so sad? So as a couple they’ve been through so much together, and have had to grow up fast.

Couple Wife is a little bit younger than me, but she’s an old soul like I am, so we click. We ended up losing track of time and chatted for 3 hours! I really needed that girl time, because as much as I love Match, sometimes it’s good to talk to someone that knows what I’m feeling. Match knows and understands me better than anyone, but he’s still a man, so he doesn’t quite get everything, and honestly I don’t need him to. It’s good to have girlfriends that can be there, to vent to, to gush to and daydream about all the what ifs, and just to laugh with. I’m hoping that we get together more often, and hopefully grow closer as friends.



    I wish I had more girlfriends out here, I miss them all back home!

    Coast Sister

    Awww….I love this blog! 🙂 You’re my best friend too but a girl definately needs another gal to hang out with. 🙂 I’m so glad you and Couple Wife are clicking. How wonderful. I’m sure she’s glad to because she may be needing to borrow your extra set of hands soon with Couple Baby coming any minute now.

    Thanks for always opening up your heart and mind in these blogs. I adore you!


    Awww. You always need your girls! Great post – I totally feel the same sometimes!

    Medicated and Motivated

    First, I just want to tell you how much I love your blog.

    I know how you feel. Both of my best friends live in different states. My boyfriend and I have become friends with another couple that we do things with on a regular basis and the wife and I have become really good friends. It’s always nice to have that “girl time”.

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