Dreaming of a Beachside Vacation

[Kitty is giving Rob a massage.]
Kitty: Picture yourself on a beautiful beach with a dolphin and a margarita…
Rob: What are you wearing?
Kitty: This is not that kind of massage.
Rob: Well, that’s disappointing.
Brothers & Sisters

Yesterday Match and I had Old Married Couple over for dinner and to hang at our new apartment. They were telling us about their upcoming trip to Cancun that they’re taking, to an all inclusive couples only resort. I’m pretty sure Match and I just starred at them drooling. How great would that be??
After they left, we hopped online and started looking up beach vacation rentals and other types of accommodations that we could stay in. We both agree that while we had fun in Seattle, it was a learning experience, and not very relaxing. Our next trip is definitely going to be someplace tropical. We’re thinking of either Cozumel or Cancun would be a great place to unwind.
I’ve started a saving fund for our potential trip, and I’m hoping we can go after this summer’s fire season. If Match gets a job with Cal-Fire this summer, he’ll essentially be gone all summer, home only for his few days off. It’s going to be a challenge for both of us, but I think we can do it. When he gets back we’re going to need to go someplace romantic to recharge our relationship. I think sipping cocktails by the beach would really hit the spot.

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    Coast Sister

    SO JEALOUS!!! We’re thinking of a small weekend trip to Disney World. We can drive there in 9 hours and I can get a cheap hotel…plus discounted military tickets. So not Cozumel….but a getaway nonetheless. Gotta pay down debt before I can plan a nice tropical getaway like that. ha!

    I hope that you and Match can make it happen though. It would be very well deserved for you both.

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