Little Ditty ‘Bout Match and Date Girl

Well Em, why don’t you just go get your guitar, and bring it back in here, and we’ll all gather ’round and swoon. -Brenda, Beverly Hills, 90210

All of this alone time with Match being gone at either class or his internship has started to get to me. It’s not just the alone time-I am actually one of those girls who likes her alone time a lot. I am the type who when I have things to do, I’m perfectly happy to putter. With my Virgo tendencies, it’s nice to have the house to myself on the weekends and get all the cleaning done. At our old apartment, where everything was sort of a disorganized mess, I always had things to do. With our new apartment, everything has its place, and I’m done with the cleaning super fast. So I’ve been finding myself sitting around twiddling my thumbs with that what do I do now expression. Idleness makes me nervous, so I decided I needed a hobby.
I mentioned this to Match, and instead of just telling me to figure it out, he told me that he thought it’d be fun if we learned how to play the guitar together! Not only is this a great hobby that we can both do when he’s home, but it’s something I can practice when I’m alone too. So we went to the local music shop, which happened to be having a sale on acoustic guitars, and we both got our first guitars! I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn to play. When we were talking with the salesman, Match started gushing about my voice. He said to the guy, “She’s got an amazing voice, so it’d be cool if she could learn to play guitar to go along with it.” I love how he’s always complimenting my singing, something that’s so important to me. I don’t know if it’s amazing per say, but I love that he thinks so. 🙂
So we came home last night with our new purchases, and truth be told, spent more time trying to learn to tune the darn things than actually play, but it was fun. I know this is silly and we didn’t plan it either, but we both guitarseem to have a thing for black and white. I mean, our dog Monkey is black and white, our bathroom is all decked out in black and white, and we even have black plates in our kitchen. So check out our guitars-you guessed it, black and white. Mine is the black one; aren’t they pretty?



    I got a guitar a while ago, picked it up once, couldn’t do it and then just left it to get covered in dust! But then I’m a bit like that!
    Good luck!


    Ahhhh I’ve always wanted to play the guitar! That’s awesome. Btw – just got back from Cali. You are SO lucky you live out there. I may be joining you soon! lol


    That will be something fun you can do together 🙂 Good luck!

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