A Very Mellow Valentine’s Day

Harper: Love is just a bunch of exaggerating and lies, all dolled up in pseudo-poetic language (uttered preferably while intoxicated) and all for the singular universal purpose of… uh, you know.
Trance: [laughing] Harper, you’re a born romantic!
Harper: [hesitantly] Sometimes there are flowers? –Andromeda

Just as I planned, our Valentine’s Day was very low key. Match and I shared a yummy dinner, exchanged cards, and watched the movie Juno. He did surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of red tulips, which I love! I love that they’re not roses, and they’re different than what 90% of guys out there buy. I don’t like roses because they seem so ordinary. No one has every bought me tulips before. Aren’t they pretty? img_4375

The only downside to Valentine’s was that Match had his internship, so I was alone all day. I was incredibly bored, so I attempted to be productive. I pulled on my sweats, threw my hair in a ponytail and went to the store. I must have looked like one of those bitter women without a Valentine the way people were starring. I can’t say I’d blame single women for being bitter shopping on Valentine’s day either. There were so many stupid Valentine’s gifts everywhere, from annoying bears singing to plastic flower arrangements. I’m pretty sure the only people that buy these things are teenagers who still need acne treatments and not self respecting adults. Though last year for Valentine’s Day unemployed guy did give me a feathered rose that I’m pretty sure came from the dollar store…



    true true…
    i don’t get the bears and the extra specially shaped chocolates either 😛
    there are definitely more meaningful gifts than the commercialized streamline


    Tulips are my fav!!! I love a man that will skip the red roses for something original. Def a keeper 🙂


    Hey! You and match have been together for a while…awesome!

    I found a match myself, however, I am still trying to figure out how many other girls he’s seeing…LOL!!!!

    Hope all is well…

    Date Girl

    Josie that’s great to hear, but yeah, the other girls thing not so much. If you read back when I first started dating Match, I told him simply, “I don’t share” and he dumped the other girl he met online that night! 🙂 Maybe that will work for you?

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