Sick of Being Sick

Before I start, I just wanna say that I have a cold, so if I sneeze in the middle of a song, it’s not on purpose. Oh, except the last verse of “Pepper people.” -Phoebe, Friends

Well I’m still home sick, but today I’m at least working. There’s just something about sitting around at home doing nothing that will drive a girl insane. I have a really hard time resting, but this flu has wiped me out. I’ve barely had the energy to get out of bed much less do anything else. My sweetie Match has been so great-he’s been feeling better and has been taking care of the house. He did everything from cooking dinner last night to cleaning up and doing the dishes. What a guy huh?
I’ll just be happy when I’m up and on my feet again. At least my job let’s me work at home, which is so nice. I guess that’s what’s nice about system admin careers is that ability to remote into our system and do what I need to do from the comfort of my couch. Think healthy thoughts for me so that I’m all better by Valentine’s Day!

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