George: Could this place be any further away? It’s like Siberia down here.
Daisy: That’s because we don’t like sick people.
George: You do know you’re in a hospital, right? –Grey’s Anatomy

The trip to Seattle was a lot of fun-we got to see the sights, and we spent some much needed couple time together. We both realized that we’re not big on cities, but it was still fun to experience a new place together.

One thing I love about Match is that we can laugh at bad situations, and turn them into something fun. For example, when we got to our hotel, it wasn’t where I had envisioned it, in the heart of downtown Seattle. It was still walking distance, but sort of in the slums. Also, the hotel staff had the attitude of a sullen teenager getting grounded, and our room, while on the second story, faced a parking lot, and the drapes didn’t entirely cover the windows. But we laughed at it all, and made the best of our experience. The city really was beautiful, and I was able to get a lot of great pictures. img_4273
img_4288I think one of my favorite things to do was walk through Pike’s Market, where we got to see the fishermen throw the fish for the tourists. We went through a few of the shops and checked out the local artwork, and snacked on some delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl.
hat night we had dessert at The Melting Pot, where I had chocolate fondue. I’m telling you girls, this was the best food orgasm ever! 🙂 If you haven’t experienced chocolate fondue, you must.
After dessert, we hit up a local karaoke bar, which was awesome. I say Black Velvet for Match, and he beamed at me and took pictures. I love singing for him; he is definitely my biggest fan.
That night he ended up feeling really sick, so we spent the whole last day and night of our trip in the hotel room. The poor guy had the flu-headache, chills, fever, and body aches. It didn’t help that we were in Seattle, where it’s super cold, and our hotel room didn’t even have extra blankets. I felt so bad for him! But even that didn’t get us down too much. We had fun just snuggling up in bed and watching some silly show on E about the top 25 Cougars in Hollywood.
Now that we’re back we’ve just been vegging out in front of the tv stand, watching episodes of The Office and feeling sorry for ourselves. I ended up getting sick too, and it’s no picnic. After experiencing what Match has, I’m even more amazed that he put on such a brave face when we were in Seattle. The body aches are terrible, and I have zero energy. Still, it was so good to get away, and we can look back on the trip and say it was a good time.
We joked around that the next time we go somewhere, we’re going to have to save up for a trip someplace warm like Hawaii. That way, if we end up sick, at least we can relax by the beach!



    U won the contest too…YAY!!!!


    WOW!! Excellent photos..I got a chance of tasting chocolate fondue once but like you guys I was sick during my trip so I just avoided it not to make myself verse.Inspite I was sick I had a good time all through the trip with pills:-)I am looking for another chance for tasting chocolate fondue.


    Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!


    Glad it was a fun trip for the most part! hope your feeling better now!

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