Our Little Traditions

A muffin, a bagel and a bag of chips. And I know it’s way past noon but I love you. More and more each day I love you Lily. -Marshal, How I Met Your Mother

Match is done with academy (yay) but that doesn’t mean he’s done with his education. He still has two semesters left before he gets his AS in Fire Science, so that means he’s gone again on weeknights. It’s nothing like academy, but it’s still a bummer when he heads off to class. While he’s at class, I usually catch up on my tv show watching. I don’t like to force him to watch the silly sitcoms that I adore, so I save them to watch on my own online. So last night I was watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and texting Coast Sister. The episode was so sweet, and by the end of it I was all teary eyed.
If you’re not familiar with the show, I highly recommend it. Marshal and Lily, the stable married couple, are my absolute favorite. I like to think that will be me and Match one day. This episode that had me all worked up was all about the couple and their little traditions that they share.

So that little clip from the show explains all their silly traditions, and it was just super cute. I love it because Match and I are starting to develop our own traditions. Ours can be a little more gross at times, for instance, instead of talking about what we ate that day, we talk about poo. I don’t know why, but we both find it hilarious. Maybe this is why we’re a good match?
We also talk online-I know it’s not a tradition, but it’s something we get to do every day, and I love it. I definitely try not to take it forgranted. We also snuggle up in bed at night and one of us will say, “loves you” and the other will say “loves you back”. It’s simple and silly, but I love it. Hopefully as time goes on, we’ll develop more traditions and we’ll stick with them.
What are your cute coupley traditions?



    We usually change how we say goodnight every day. The other day it was:
    Him: Goodnight Princess
    Me: Goodnight Ninja Turtle
    Him: Yessss. I’m a ninja.


    Coast Sister

    pinkjellybaby….that’s hilarious!!!

    Him: Love you baby…don’t forget to say your prayers

    Me: okay, love you too


    So cute Date Girl.


    Yea the episode got both Mr. FB and I… both a little misty after that one 🙂

    Let’s see how we last after having movie day on Saturday- The Reader and then Revolutionary Road. GASP.

    Date Girl

    Pink: lol, you crack me up!

    Sis: Aw that is so Joe, what a sweetie.

    Hardt: Yeah…you guys are so gonna make out. 😉

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