Moving Boxes and Change of Address Forms

Robin: The key? Throwing stuff out. I’m moving to Japan, and it took me a half-hour to pack.
Lily: A half-hour?
Robin: Well, it would have taken me twenty minutes, but a friend called me in tears.
Marshall: Moving is really emotional, okay?! –How I Met Your Mother

I don’t have much to write about at the moment. My life is full of moving boxes, change of address forms, and packing tape. On top of the impending move, I’m still trying to keep up somewhat of a social life, as I’ve grossly neglected my friends. Match and I have plans going every night this week and weekend, in between packing. Oh, and I’m also trying to stick with my weight loss New Year’s resolution, so I’ve also been hitting the gym four times a week. Whew! With all this running around, I feel like I’m taking a fat burning pill like Leptovox. I just hope it pays off with a slimmer waist. 😛
The one nice thing about all this running around is that Match is just as on top of things as I am. He scheduled the lease signing, and he already took care of the getting the cable moved. I couldn’t ask for a better roommie. 🙂



    Wow, that sounds busy! We’re moving at the end of the month and I’ve not really though about packing…perhaps I should.


    Sounds like the next few weeks may be busy and you get settled in! Good luck 🙂

    Coast Sister

    Girl….moving is rough sometimes. I feel your pain. Good luck to you and Match though for finding someplace new.And good thing you’re getting a jump start on things. email me your new address. XOXO

    Heather Leigh

    Aw, that’s so cute! He’s so helpful. I wish I had previous roommates that were that helpful! 😉

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