Architectural Ideas

Ted: So Sandy, what do you do? Oh, wait, I know what you do. You’re the guy who reads the paper in the morning.
Sandy Rivers: You got me. What do you do, Ted?
Ted: Oh same thing as you. I read the paper every morning. But then after that, I finish my coffee and go to my real job as an architect, where I make an actual contribution to the world.(laughs) I’m just kidding. Love your show. You’re terrific.
Sandy Rivers: Thanks. I never tire of hearing that. –How I Met Your Mother

Match and I are moving out at the end of this month, and I’m getting so excited. This will be our first place-as in, a place we moved in together-not my place that Match moved into. While apartment hunting, I started of course daydreaming like I always do, dreaming about us buying a house instead of renting an apartment. 

I found a cool website that specializes in crown molding and architecture design. My dream home is definitely going to have some sort of architectural accent like that in it. The website also has decorating tips, an installation guide for a newbie decorator like me, and an inspiration gallery. I’ve learned all kinds of new things, like how side wall architecture, that usually go along with crown moldings are called Corbels, something I’d never heard of, but definitely like. There are all different kinds of molding, like wood molding , also something I wasn’t aware of.


Inviting Home goes beyond even the inspiration gallery, with design ideas and advice for home decorators as well. It’s a fun website, and I could probably spend all day on it, instead of working like I should be. 😉


    Coast Sister

    hehe!!! Sometimes I get sucked into websites or home remodeling shows….ha! You’d think that I’d be able to assemble a whole house by now.

    Heather Leigh

    Oh! That sounds so nice! Sorry I’ve been gone, I’ve been away from blogging temporarily. I know the move wasn’t quite what you had in mind, but congrats! It will all still work out! 😀

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