Girls Have Dirtier Minds Than Boys

Lois: The only thing you create before 9 AM is exactly what you’ve turned my show into.
Peter: I think my work will speak for itself. [walks out of room and comes back a few seconds later] Oh, ha, ha. I just got that. A poop joke? That’s real creative, Lois. –Family Guy

I really do think that we girls are a whole lot more perverted and just plain gross compared to boys. I think it’s because girls have a tendency to talk about everything with each other. We don’t dumb it down, we don’t sugar coat it, at least not with our true girlfriends. We share everything.
I mention this because just the other night Match and I went out to dinner with Couple Friends. While Match and Couple Hubby were talking about cars, Couple Wife and I were having a truly cringe-worthy discussion about poop.

I guess it was all my fault in a way-I begged CW to not sugar coat her pregnancy with me. I wanted all the details so that I will be completely prepared when my turn at procreating comes. So she’s telling me about a recent horrifying experience with pregnancy and constipation. She was talking about how when she finally was able to go, it was this huge massive rock, and how painful and disgusting it was. At the end of our conversation, she puts icing on the cake when she says, “It’s sort of like the first time you have ya know, that kind of sex.” Just for all you innocents out there, she’s talking about knocking at the back door. She says, “I was sore after, and I sort of felt ashamed. It’s like when you have that kind of sex, the next day you just know that everyone must know you did it, and they’re all judging you.” Of course it’s at this moment that the men stop talking and stare at us in disbelief.
Match just looked at me and said, “What the heck were you two talking about?” CW and I just burst out laughing because we knew they couldn’t appreciate the humor in our poo talk.



    I think you’re absolutely true on this matter!!


    Yep, so true. I think men are scared to talk about things like this unless it makes them appear less macho!


    to funny! and yes you are probably right 🙂


    You are SOO right! If guys only heard some of the things that we say…

    Heather Leigh

    Ha ha ha! That is freakin’ awesome. Hey, at least you guys are comfortable about it. I have no shame. I’ll talk about anything with my friends, guys or girls. It’s just life!

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