Match and the Used Car

We can’t compete with a bunch of cars. Wheels are like bosoms to men… and a car has four. -Kitty, That 70s Show

This past weekend was spent pretty much doing nothing. Both Match and I were sick, which zapped every bit of energy we had. That didn’t stop me from going a little bit stir crazy.  I spent some time scrapbooking my new life with Match. I’ve already filled up an entire album and I’m not even into October with it! As fun as it was to reflect on our relationship up to now, it was also a bit depressing, because it reminded me of how active we normally are, and how sedentary this stupid cold had made us both.To top that off Match had become completely obsessed with buying a Subaru WRX.

For the last few weeks all we talked about were Subarus this, and WRX that. So I am happy to say that all the research on Match’s part finally paid off. He had been working with this creepy used car salesman in Napa, who was putting him through the ringer. I met the guy, and I didn’t care much for him. Plus, he let us leave without making the sale, so I could tell he didn’t care much about selling the car to Match. Also, Match was really hesistant about the car itself-wondering if the previous owner had been some young punk who drove it into the ground.

I had a pretty bad first time car buyer experience where my ex, Flame Boy, pretty much dominated the entire conversation with the salespeople, and practically forced me into buying the car. I know I could have said no, but I was completely overwhelmed and felt really pressured into it. So I didn’t want that to happen with Match, and we decided to go home and think about the car. It was a good thing we did because another, better WRX turned up yesterday, this one also a 2003, but less expensive, and the previous owner was selling it, not the creepy salesguy.

So long story short, Match is now the proud owner of a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX. It’s a really cute car, and matches his personality much better than his out of date boxy Volvo. I used to tease him about his img_4018grandpa car all the time! This car is sporty, with really comfortable seats, and it’s perfect for a road trip. I can’t wait to take it up north to visit my family in Oregon. Check out the color too-cranberry red, one of my favorites. I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but Match is actually hugging the damn thing. Obsessed much?

After we drove it home, the first thing Match wanted to do was go show it to Couple Husband. CH races cars, sells cars, and is generally car obsessed. Still, I wasn’t prepared for him answering the door with a camera in hand, like a proud papa about to take pictures of his kid riding a bike. Couple Wife and I just laughed at how excited our boys were over the new “toy”. CW and I hung out in the kitchen talking about all things girlie while the boys went for a test drive.

As we were leaving, CW mentioned to Match how there was plenty of room in the backseat for a carseat and stroller. Haha! I love how she’s pushing for us. Luckily Match doesn’t mind it.

It was fun to be a part of this experience with him, even if I did get tired of hearing about cars. I loved that he included me in everything to do with buying the car; from budgeting out how much he could afford for payments, to letting me drive it home! I don’t know many guys who would let their girlfriend drive their new baby home, but Match did.  I’m glad he’s got a car to be proud of, and one that is going to last him awhile.


    Coast Sister

    YAY for Match!!!! And YAY for you!!! I’m pretty sure my neighbor at my old house had a bright blue version of this car. They are quite sporty.

    So happy for you Match. I know how exciting a new car is. Too bad I haven’t had a new car in about 5 1/2 years. ha!

    Enjoy cruising around it in.


    Guys and cars, as a girl I may never understand the obsession! lol Glad he’s happy with it!

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