On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me…

Ted: Now, don’t tell your parents, but I got you guys presents.
Nephew: Like the gift of God’s love?
Ted: No, dude, real presents. –How I Met Your Mother

I had by far the best Christmas I can remember. The best part was the morning, when Match and I had our own little Christmas with just the two of us. We actually did stockings on the 23rd because we just couldn’t wait. We both had the same thought and put naughty things in each other’s stockings. He got me a fun toy for the both of us (yippee!) and I got him a deck of cards with the positon of the day on them. Now that was an exciting game of gin rummy! 😉

Christmas eve night we ended up doing one present each because we couldn’t wait. Match got me a book on foot reflexology which seemed completely random at first. Then he said that since my feet hurt all the time, it’d be interesting to learn all the different reflexology techniques, and the gift comes with once a week foot rubs from Match! Woohoo! I got Match Seasons 1 and 2 of The Office, which we have been enjoying all week.

So Christmas morning was so much fun. We both got into our pjs and acted like little kids. Match was really excited about his leatherman multitool and 1 hour massage that I got him. I couldn’t believe the adorable purse he picked out for me, and he also got me The Host, a book I’ve been really wanting to read, and also the Twilight soundtrack. We didn’t do big huge expensive gifts this year, but it’s because we’re saving for our future. Maybe when we’re on our fourth or fifth Christmas we can give fancy gifts, like a trip to Alaska or a pop up tv stand (Have you seen those? They’re really cool and the protect your flat screen tv. I want one!)

So after our little gift exchange, we decided to get all dressed in our pjs-Match in his moose sleep pants (as Coast Sister calls them) and me in my full top and bottom moon and stars pajama set-headed over to Match’s parents house to have Christmas breakfast with his family.

After a yummy breakfast, we opened presents. I loved that the present opening wasn’t some mad tearing open of gifts, but rather each person took turns and one at a time everyone went around the room opening up one gift. That way we were able to see what everyone got, which I thought was really nice. Match’s sister got me a really pretty necklace and she got Match and I both wine glasses and a book that had a guide to 100 great wines under $15. I loved how all of the presents to Match ended up being presents we could share.
One of the presents from Match’s parents ended up being the story of the evening. His mom made this big production of going to get our gift. Then Match sister tells us we can’t make any loud noises, and we don’t want to get too excited. Then she says, “Now I know you already have a dog and a bird, but I just couldn’t resist.” Match and I looked at each other in horror as she pulled out an animal carrier covered with a towel. I covered my face with my hands because I didn’t want them to see the look of sheer terror I had. I didn’t want to be ungrateful but another animal? In our little apartment? I was horrified and so was Match. We both looked at each other and gulped, then pulled back the towel. Inside was a stuffed animal in the shape of a Blue Footed Booby, a bird on the endangered species list. They had completely fooled us! His mom was cracking up so hard, and his sister was on the floor practically crying from laughing so hard.img_3846

It was a great joke, and even more proof that this is the family I belong with. That prank is exactly the kind of thing that my mom would pull on me! So our little “booby” came with adoption papers and also a donation was made in our name to the endangered species fund. It was a really cool present!

We each got a few other little gifts, and then it came time for Match’s big gift. His family told him how they knew he’d worked really hard and that he deserved a break from all his studying.  So Match opened the present and there were two guidebooks to Seattle, and a card saying they would pay for two round trip tickets for us to go to Seattle! I was so excited! How great of a gift is that? Not only is it a trip, it’s the gift of quality time together. We’re going to try to go right before Valentine’s Day, so that we can make it a nice couples getaway trip. I can’t wait!

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    Sorry just now catching up! Sounds like a great xmas! The trip was a def a great gift!! Can’t wait to read about it 🙂

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