What We Need to Be Happy

Everyone wants stuff. We wake up everyday with a list of wishes a mile long and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true. But just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy. -Ned, Pushing Daisies

Yesterday Match and I enjoyed a great Sunday together. We have had so little time these last 6 months, between work, Match’s academy, and our busy social life, we actually haven’t been on that many real dates.

After enjoying a morning of sleeping in, we decided to make a trip to a town an hour away, where Match had recently applied for an internship at their fire department. With how competitive fire fighting is, the best way to get ahead is to make yourself known. That means Match needs to schmooze with all of the fire departments he has applied to for internship, and needs to make his face and name known with all of them. Incentives are good too, so I whipped up a batch of rice crispy treats for him to give to the guys at the firehouse.

I relaxed in the car with a good book while Match went about his schmoozing. Afterwards, we headed over to this cute little Italian restaurant for a late lunch.

The restaurant was beautifully decorated with modern furniture and old, with twinkle lights and great food. We each had our favorite afternoon drink-Irish coffees, and talked about our future over appetizers.

Match told me that he wants to marry me, and he definitely wants to do it soon, but he wants to have a good job first. He likes the idea of looking at houses, but he agreed that it would be nice to at least be engaged before taking that next step. Also, he wants to be able to contribute 50/50, and right now he can’t. I love that he has such a good head on his shoulders, and that he doesn’t just want me to be his sugar momma. We’re an equal partnership, and we each try to do our part. He told me how much it meant to him that I came with him on his trip to the firehouse. He loves that I’m so supportive of his career, and I love that he let’s me be a part of all aspects of his life.

I told him how as happy as a house would make me, I’m much more excited about having him. I don’ t need stuff to make me happy-what we have is far more important than things.

We ended the evening with a game of cards and a snuggle fest. It was a great day and I’m so happy to have my Match back on weekends.

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